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  1. I don't have kids, but I have a 16 year old nephew who plays. So far he's received my Pod XT, a Snark tuner, and a bunch of old Planet Wave cables. This Chrismas he's getting an old Crate amp I have sitting around gathering dust. He already has a Crate amp almost identical to this one so he'll finally be able to play the Pod XT in a stereo step up. He won't get my Helix until I'm dead.
  2. I just registered for an ideascale account for the sole purpose of voting for the feedbacker. Hope when it does become a reality, it's at least as good as the Freq-out pedel. I have a feeling it might be even better.
  3. I also own a pair of these, along with a set of Oppo PM-3s, and a pair of Focal Elears. The AKG K701s are among the clearest sounding cans you'll find in the under $500 price range. They are very close to reference, and many people criticize them for lacking bass. Most headphones today over emphasize bass and sometimes treble. These do not, what you hear from these is very close to what the signal actually is, they will need to broken in to sound their best, 100 hrs. or so. One more thing, they're no longer being made in Austria, like most other things these days, they're made in China. The pair I have are Chinese made, they still sound incredible so I doubt there's a percievable difference.
  4. I didn't see it mentioned, so I thought I'd throw this out there, the Helix has a dedicated sustainer. It's the Boss CS-1 (compressor/sustainer), it's in the legacy effects under the name Blue Comp. It's easy to use as it only has two knobs (sustain and level). I used to utilize this effect from time to time when I recorded with my Pod XT. It will increase sustain whether the tone is clean or dirty.
  5. I use my mine for both guitar and bass, it's nice to see others use the Helix for bass!
  6. Some of the tone may have to do with the bass itself. In one section of the vid. I can clearly see a "toaster" pickup in the neck position. This dates the bass to no later than 1973. Mid year 1973, Rickenbacker made some changes to the 4001. These changes include plastic fake pearl partial inlays in place of the much classier full width crushed pearl triangular fret markers, the addition of a "skunk stripe" walnut strip running up the center of the neck, a single thin binding in place of the "checkerboard binding" used since the early 60's. But the most important change (IMO) was the transition from the lower output "toaster" pickup to the higher gain models. These old toaster pickups are notorious for sounding wonderful, and may be a big part of the tone he's achieving. I'm reasonably sure he's playing through the neck pickup only, meaning all the tone is coming from the toaster. Flatwound strings may be a factor as well, as mentioned by the poster above, but I'm betting the killer tone is due to the toaster pickup. Hope this helps, and good luck nailing that tone. Also, I have a Ric bass as well, mine is a 2016 Ruby Red Metallic 4003.
  7. Congrats. on your new Helix! I've had mine for over a year now and I love it. The Helix LT wasn't an option when I ordered mine, be that as it may, I still would've opted for the full blown Helix. This "God Box" was one of the best purchases I've ever made, it's changed me as a guitar/bass player.
  8. Mission has a pedal with a 25K pot and a physically longer sweep, the EP25-PRO Aero, not possitive if it will work with the floor Helix (or the rack), but since the Earnie Ball 25K expression pedal seems to work, I can't see why it wouldn't,.....it is pricey though. https://missionengineering.com/shop-2/products/expression/multi-use-exp/ep25-pro-aero/?v=7516fd43adaa
  9. I'm a new Helix owner as well, like you, I luster after the Helix for quite a while before finally taking the plunge, congrats. on your purchase!
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