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  1. think 2. The Helix shows me a percentage of volume for only a second or two. I want it to show me that value constantly so I know where the pedal is at when I return to it. 20% clean 40% etc.
  2. Hi Helix Gurus, just a couple of quick questions that really bugs me. 1.) Is there a way to make the volume pedal constantly show the vloume percent of my patch instead of switching back to EXP1 EXP2 I'd much rather it tell me the volume on where my patch is and maybe split that with it being on EXP1/2 at far right where it's not solid. 2.) Is there a way to assign a colour on the Looper switches? They are all white and it's easy to miss-step on a dark stage with fake smoke around!! I need Red for record, Green for play etc... Thanks people.
  3. *FIXED IT* I had this exact same issue, even after the 2.82 update. after talking with Tom from Yamaha Australia, i backed up all my settings using Line-6 Edit and then turned off the unit. I held down Foot Switches 9&10 which, is the bottom row, middle 2 switches. I held those switches down whilst I powered up the unit and did a factory-reset. It deleted everything however, it FIXED this exact issue and then i just restord my backup. All done! the system must re-query the pedal on initalisation. Anyway, try it. You have nothing to lose like I did.
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