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  1. ok so I get that one is for pedal tones that you would change with snapshots. In the last update the the 4 osc generator only sound when I struck a note on my guitar kind of like a synth ala super ego type sound. Now they both just play a drone sound? What is the proper function of this module, what would be the purpose of having two modules that do the same thing? Anyone else seeing the same behavior? or maybe I need to do a reinstall on the update? Just confused with this is all. Thank you
  2. So digital eq is nothing more then delay networks. Reverb is a bunch of short delays as well. the human ear perceives very short delays as eq changes or frequency cancellations. Short as in the 1 to120 sample range @ say 96k sample rate. That would translate to fractions of a second, micro to mille but I don't have the equation in front of me to be exact. By using those small delay times he is creating reverb that is also shelving the high end as well. All eq's in the box work on this principal. extremely short delay's are heard as eq changes and the further out the delay time is increased we get to a point where it is perceived as early reflections. By cascading a bunch of delay's with very short delay times, as short as you can make them. This is called an FIR filter.
  3. No your right the behavior is not what one would expect, and the name of it is "Hard Gate". I would expect it to have that behavior too.
  4. Don't want to sound unappreciative of the new update but I am having trouble wth the 4 note synth generator. it cuts out abruptly at the tail end of the note and does some very random warble things. Am I just not setting this up right or is that the behavior of this particular model and if so, would it be possible to update it to have a smooth fade out? Any thoughts on this module would be welcome. Thank you.
  5. This girl here is getting herself all done up just for the get low update..................you wouldn't wanna dissapoint her now would ya?
  6. line 6 is busy creating a masterpiece I'm sure but just for fun............
  7. Yes its coming out tomorrow so so awesome you said march right? Oh wait, is this a leap year?
  8. would be awesome if they offered different body types with this type of wood and finish. Not a big fan of the Gem but I bet it plays and sounds amazing.
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