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  1. This thread was better when it was about lawn mowers....
  2. I'm pretty sure with Helix and its competitors that we are at the "you can't tell the difference in the mix" stage with the high end modelers. Very soon we will be at the "you can't tell the difference, EVER" stage.... I do know that for some sounds, I much prefer the Helix to ANY of my amps and effects.
  3. The Line 6 StageSource speaker turn down to low volume very well. I have two L3Ts in my studio, and I can play through them at 5am with my wife sleeping one room over--obviously WAY low--excellent fidelity. As to why I'm up playing at 5am, well I guess that's for a different sort of forum....
  4. I have the MB Mk V and the Helix floor with two Line 6 L3Ts (FRFR). The Mark V model, on the Helix is VERY CLOSE to the Mk V. I use the Lead channel with Drive set at 4.7 for overdrive tone, no pedals. So if you have an FRFR speaker setup, you should try it.
  5. Best backup to a Helix is another Helix. It's a computer--what if it doesn't boot? The show must go on. Plus, how pitiful would that be? "I can't play because my pedal won't boot." Bought my second one a year ago, MF, 24-month plan. I gig just about every weekend, and I don't wanna learn another pedal. Too lazy to even learn a Stomp, which must be VERY similar. The learning curve for this thing was just TOO LONG--ain't doing it again! I consider it a $63/mo "insurance plan" that has vanishing payments in about a year. Of course, all of this means that I will never need it....
  6. The most likely scenario is that the processor or one or both of your DSPs executed a thermal shutdown. If that's the case, the unit should return to normal after cooling down, and likely not have any further issues. As stated above, there is really know way to know for sure short of returning it for service.
  7. The recommendations described here will likely get you the best results. However, the beauty of a digital modeler is that you can experiment. For example: I don't know too many others that do this, but I like some of the amp models, mainly Fender, as amp only, with NO cab or IR in the chain. Came upon that technique by just trying different things. Also, if you use compressors, you can try placing them LAST, instead of at the front--so you get more of a "studio compressor" effect.
  8. Might find an L3T at 400 quid used--very good, noise-free tone via L6 Link; don't forget to budget for a 110 ohm AES/EBU cable.
  9. I try to attenuate as little as possible on the Helix. Master volume knob cranked, volume pedal fully engaged, volumes on amps pretty high. Tone is best that way. Of course the FRFR has to be DOWN to avoid serious injury, but since it's FLAT, it's not contributing to tone anyway.
  10. Also, never underestimate the power of the mix to wash out any "trailing-off" effects! When I first unboxed the Strymon Big Sky, "man, this is just too much!" Really wanted to dial a lot of it back. But the rest of the band loved it, and the mix really took care of it anyway.
  11. To contrast, I'm 58 but I work mostly with 25-35s, and the huge majority of them really love our Country, and really respect us Vets and thank us for our service regularly. Your story was GREAT, thanks for that, and thanks for your Service! I guess that the only guilty feelings us later vets have is that our Vietnam-era "big brothers and sisters" really got the shaft, while we were treated as heroes from the beginning. However--to stick with this thread--an open box means that someone probably tried it out. I try not to be too picky, since I'm gonna take it out of the box, throw it on the floor, and start stomping it straight-away! That, and the 2-yr warranty--I feel pretty good about these things--I own two of them--one for the stage, and one as a backup.
  12. My early method was to modify the existing patches on CustomTone, Glenn DeLaune, etc. My latest approach is to do it like you just walked into a music store. Guitar, amp, IR/speaker cab, get good tone that way, compressor to shape the front end, effects/'pedals (if you need them), EQ for specific amp or PA. That's pretty much it.
  13. This sort of thing is why I have two of them, one as a backup. Nothing against Helix, but DSPs in general are always susceptible to this sort of thing. That being said, in two years of gigging almost every weekend, never have needed the backup. Converse of Murphy's Law, I guess...
  14. Without seeing your settings or knowing about your other gear, I can tell you that if you WANT feedback, you can certainly get it with this pedal. Some things to think about: (1) Make sure that you are not multiplying your drive. i.e. pedal O/D plus amp set to drive hard--try one or the other (2) 4CM method? check your signal levels going to the amp--try inst rather than line (3) On your amp--try channel volume down and master volume up, and vice-versa.
  15. Yes, this ^^^ plus a volume pedal at the end.
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