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  1. Hi! I have Ableton 9 and the POD HD500X I tried linking the POD with a MIDI to USB cable, and I was able to make a preset where the POD recieves CC info to the TAP pedal...and then I progrmmed a MIDI track in Ableton to send 4 midi signals on C1 at the beats....and nothing is happening...can you explain deeper on how you used CC messages to control the tap tempo on your POD please?
  2. Hi Everyone! thanks for posting! I have a POD HD500x, Mac, and ableton Live. I want Ableton to send tempo information to the POD500X so that all my devices are on the same tempo. Would be cool if tapping the tempo in the POD500HDx would also adjust tempo in Ableton - I have the POD plugged in via USB to MIDI cables...what to do next??
  3. Hi! Thanks for posting! I want to use the HD 500x to send and recieve tempo via MIDI or USB - I currently have the POD HD500x plugged in via MIDI and Im not able to map the tap button to the tap in ableton, or find a way for the HD500x to recieve MIDI tempo information from Ableton Suggestions?
  4. Hi everyone - Im having the same issue- after downloading every possible update i can find from Line 6 drivers to upgrading from Mac OS capitan to Siera 10.12 to 10.12.3....when running HD 500x edit installer I am still getting this message saying i need mac os x 10.5 or greater...but i have greater! 10.12.3 Can we get some Live 6 pro help on this?? Can I downgrade to an OS that will work? What to do?
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