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  1. My New Samsung 8A With android 8.0.0 will not work.....been trying to get it to work for a year now.....download the usb diagnostics app and everything checked out ok. The Amp connects immediately and the Remote app opens automatically on phone , but , as soon as you hit "Edit" to save a tone to the amp it disconnects. I will be heading in too Long & McQuade soonb to deal all my Spider gear in on something that allows me to use and save tones others have made. Even the goofy App I hav e on my Computers ..Spider remote has no Cloud access....This leads me to believe that Line 6 has no clue what it is doing when it comes to customer service, because even the guys at Long & McQuade couldnt figure out how I could download tones from the cloud and save them to my amp.
  2. I have a Samsung S8 Phone. I can get Tones from the cloud for my V120 , I bought a Cable with a C connector to phone and a Printer type connector to connect to my Spider v120. The App shows "Connected To Spider V120. I select the tone Johnny B good and the Select edit, when in Edit , I can select Save icon , and I am given some choices. I select Spider V120 and then the app says "Downloading" ...I see this "Downloading "message on my phone for quite a while....I am connected by high Speed WIFI - After about 20 minutes , the "Downloading" messagfe dissapears. I cant find Johnny b Good on amp anywhere and phone is locked up. tried on wifes identical phone , exact same crrap. HELP - Can we please get Remote App on my Computer to access the Cloud for my tones and make this all a lot simpler. The phone app just doesn't work for a lot of us. Besides i would much rather use my Computers 24" screen then mess with this dumb phone app.
  3. There must be some glaring technical issue with having to access Cloud Tones from my Computers Remote App ...otherwise Line 6 is negligent concerning this or at the very least properly informing those who sell their Amps. I was told when I bought mine I could easily download and install Tones for my Spider V-120 from my Computer in my studio. I can't and this is having me rethink going the Line 6 Modeling Amp direction...Using My Phone , which be the way needs a Printer USB connection on one end and a Type c Connection for my samsung Phone on the other end is just crazy ..why not a standard USB connection that all phones come with for re-charging. What the reasoning is behind this , I would really like to know. I can only assume the desire by line 6 to sell footboards or other hardware to do this simple task.
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