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  1. Hello, I do the last update and I m'a happy to see the new Fx like the patern tremolo or panner but for me there is a big probleme to use it with midi sync because the helix can change the tempo even if this tempo is giving by a computer so with the midi sync the rythmic fx is useless because sometimes the tempo is good and sometimes not.. For me it's a really big problem. The tap led become blue when you have a tempo sync. the led lights on and off on the same beat than the computer but if you change to another snap the light change so the tempo too. and the fx is not sync with the computer. it is the same tempo but the helix's beat and the computer's beat are not together. Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Hye, I'm a new helix user. I'm french so my english is very bad. Excuse me for that. I use the helix to control other unit (strymon sonnus) and i use a midi tempo sync send by a computer. For me the most simple is to send tempo on the helix after the helix send tempo to my other units. so my configuration is : - midi thru : off - receive midi clock : auto - send midi clock : on but i have a trouble. When i do like that my tremolo dosen't sound "in time". I was forced to unuse the helix midi send clock. i configure the helix like that : - midi thru : on - receive midi clock : auto - send midi clock : off And it's work but for me it's not normal... Thank you very much if you have an idea or a issue! Florent
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