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    Output Questions

    Thanks. I have to search because i don't know how to do that!
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    Output Questions

    Hello, Sorry if i didn't understand how to do this. I use my helix with two channels : one for the clean signal and one for the saturation. On stage i want to separate the 2 channels. So I use the multi output with the pan parameter on left for the first channel and the right for the second but i can't use with this configuration the phones output because it's horrible. The only way is to duplicate all the preset with a stage configuration (panned) and a home configuration (not panned). Is it right?
  3. i think i got it! i have to let the "usb in1/2 destination parameter" on multi and i have to send the first channel on 3/4 and the second on 5/6. Thank you for your help!
  4. i connect my headphones to the helix but i can't hear no track
  5. yes i think you got it. Actually i have three track : one for the DI signal (7) one for the clean channel (1/2) and one for saturated (3/4). When i'm recording i hear no sound so i use the monitor in reaper but the latency make it hard for recording.
  6. Hello, I use my helix for recording my bass guitar. I use the 2 path to have 2 mono chanel . The firts one is my clean and fx sound and th second one is for the saturation. I want to separate the output so i send the first path on output 1/2 and the second on 3/4. I use the output 7 to have a dry signal. My problem is that i can hear the bass when I record. I can if i ask to my Software but in that way i have a lantency. Is there an issue to have a direct sound with the helix to record without the latency? If i use the multi parameter it works but i can't have separate output... Sorry for my english i hope you understand me.
  7. hello, Despite the 2.82 firmware, i continue to have the same bug. Sometimes the helix don't send midi clock. I have to return to the global parameters and change the parameter (because it is set correctly) and set with the good parameter again and it works again.
  8. hello, a midi increment command. Send a midi cc with an increment option when you hit a switch.
  9. Hello I recorded this morning but i have to reload and reinstall the driver (I think it's the 1.91). But my helix's firmware is 1.71 (curently too afraid to do the update :) ). I will check my windows but I think it is up to date.
  10. ok I understand thank you!
  11. thank you i understand for the variax knob. what do you mean with knob 2 knob 3? Variax knob?
  12. Sorry it's very hard to explain. For example i use a player to send midi cc on my helix. i use CC#3 to control the exp pedal. On my preset i assign a midi cc to the exp 3 to control another effect. I just want to know if i could do the same with variax knob to keep the exp pedals free for doing other things?
  13. Can I control the Variax knob with midi CC? I need 2 receive and transform 2 midi CC. Presently i use expression pedal but i want to do the same with Variax knob because i think that I never own a variax. Thanks.
  14. Hye, I need some help, I use midi CC and PC to change preset and snapshot and I use midi clock to synchronise. My software is reaper. When I just use PC and CC it work. When I just use Clock it work. But when i use twice. The helix listen only three message (one PC and 2 CC) after that he seems to ignore it. I have check the midi message (with bome send DX) and all the message are sending so do you think it could be a helix bug? If someone can do some test with cubase or protools, I could spot if it is a reaper problem or a helix problem. Thanks
  15. Hello! It's always me and my midi problem... I use midi CC and PC to change preset and snapshot. I use midi clock to synchronise. When I just use PC and CC it work. When I just use Clock it work. But when i use twice. The helix listen only three message (one PC and 2 CC) after that he seems to ignore it. I have check the midi message (with bome send DX) and all the message are sending so do you think it could be a helix bug? i've joined the midi file and the txt who show the messages. withclock.txt withoutclock.txt compo 1.mid
  16. Hello phil_m, I'm interresting to have a midi solution processor plus. I will plug it betwen the helix and the other fx. The helix doesn't have power on the midi out so i have to buy midi solution power adaptateur to ?
  17. Yes but i think it's less specific, more complicated and if you use the helix to sync another fx it's dosen't work.
  18. Hello i don't know if this is a bug and it's not a big problem but when you copy a snapshot to another. All the parameters are copied except the color of the led so if you copy on a empty preset you will have a switch with no color. For me there is another bug when i work with my computer with no midi tempo sync and no tap tempo information. I use the computer to send midi cc and pc. sometimes the preset's tempo change to 20 bpm...
  19. What do you think about : Tempo controled by exp pedal (like the sonuus FX) https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Tempo-controled-by-exp-pedal/945391-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments And please don't forget my other submission. Nobody but me need this. But it's really important if one day you want use the tempo sync!! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-real-time-message-to-control-center/935160-23508#idea-tab-comments Thank you
  20. hello, I have a new problem to day when i swap 2 snapshot (i touch the twice switch mith my finger). The Helix freeze.... Does someone have this trouble too? Thank you When i try to restore from a backup i have this message : nally Finally i arrived to restore the back up it's seems to be a preset whose create a bug in the helix...
  21. Hello I post here my desire. Can you add please a FA message to synchronise the fX plugged with the helix. This message is send only one time when you set tempo send on midi. But it is important to synchronise the FX together...
  22. I continue to think the line 6 helix don't manage the midi sync very well. There a many clock one for the led one for the fx and one for the midi send and they don't be able to work together. they have the same tempo but they dosen't care about the starting point. I will try with Hz but I'm sure that what i want to do is not possible now with this unit and i'm very disapointed. I try many things but what i want to do is not to complicate as well. I just want to use an external fx synchronised with my helix and it is not possible. I will try now to use the tremolo from the helix but i'm sure it dosen't work all the time. i have to find some solutions and to hack with many things the unit to do a simple things it's definitely a serious bug for me and that's why line 6 dosen't respond on my support ticket. Edit : i tryed with Hz so if i want a tremolo with 80 bpm it's means 1.33Hz but on the helix i can set 1.3 or 1.4 so the tremolo dosen't rest in time during only one measure.. So it's useless to... the resync seems to work I've done many many test today and finally the 2.70 have some good add for me.. It's work better with midi sync.. now i need just the FA message to synchronise my others effects.
  23. So what is the advantage about that? for me it's just a disfunction.
  24. So you are agree with me that the bliking of the light is very strange? I starting again the test. So my first test i have a metronome set on 40 bpm. The preset that i send to you... My test : I load the preset on the 1. Each time the tremolo do sound on 1 no sound on 2 sound on 3 no sound on 4. It always work even if the light do strange thinks... I try to invert the tremolo, i physically tap the tap tempo switch on the 2 nothing happend. It seems like the resync don't work if your time is set on note note on HZ. Sometimes it works and when it works le tremolo begin always with the sound off. So it is inverted. So first you have right i will turn off the tempo led because it is useless ok now a second test : if I use the metronome like the first test with the same preset. and i juste want to double the tempo. i tap the tap tempo 3 or 4 times (i try twice) It's the always the same the tremolo begin with no sound sound so for me it is inverted.. Duncann can you do this tests for me?
  25. No probleme talking to you is like a little therapy for me! The problem is that i understand what you mean and for me it's logical so you have right but it dosen't work for me. i can't send midi sync tempo and midi message at the same time. But with the both i have trouble. If i send midi sync (and no message). my other FX (strymon and sonuus) reset the lfo because reaper send a reseting message when it start the song. The helix don't manage this message. If i send midi cc i don't use the midi sync because it dosen't work and for me the helix dosen't manage the tempo to. I will test again but i'm disapointed because i spend a lot of time and i have no return from line 6 about this. But if you can help me and reproduce the trouble I have or not it help me to carry on so thank you! Have you a stomp with midi sync? And what about my test have you do and have the same result or not? I want you to make this simple test: For me the led lights on the downbeat. what do you think? When you load a preset for me, the preset should begin on the first time on the downbeat. Can you try to load the preset when the light is on and when the light is off? For me as you have a tempo per preset the lights should lights on when you load the preset independently of the older tempo because when you load a preset the lfo have to reset itself.
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