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  1. Really been wanting some of the high gain stalwarts to make an appearance: -VHT/ Fryette Pittbull -Rivera Knucklehead -Randall Satan or any Fortin amp for that matter And then there's any number of boutique high gain amp manufacturers (i.e. KSR, Peters, Splawn) that would be nice to see
  2. I just installed the latest device firmware and the latest Helix Editor and the problem persists. The most frustrating part for me is that the device communicates with the Line 6 updater flawlessly to update device firmware but it just does not seem like it is going to work with the editor until a major fix is released. I just to want to use the editor and be able to load from CustomTone. I love the Helix but this really is a pain in the a**
  3. I don't know if anyone has had a problem with the Mac communicating withe the Line 6 updater. I have been able to update the Helix without any issues; however, the Helix application itself has been useless so far to me.
  4. I upgraded to 10.11.4 and I opened the Helix software immediately afterwards. There appeared to be a change because for approximately 10 seconds I actually saw my presets. Then the same exact problem occurred and I have been unable to get the Helix to contact to the software. I'm not blaming Line 6 or Apple for the issue and it's not a deal breaker for keeping the Helix, I just wish I could find type of work around. I have uninstalled and re-installed the Helix software. I have tried unplugging everything but the USB from the Helix. It's just odd that the Updater worked perfectly when I updated the Helix firmware.
  5. Yes Also I have ensured no other application is accessing the Helix. The updater worked perfectly using the same USB set up. I know this seems to be a common problem, I was just trying to see if any work around had been established.
  6. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I am having the exact same issue as the OP. I connect the Helix directly to a Mac Mini and it appears to begin working and then I get the yellow band and the "device not connected" warning.
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