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  1. This should be in the spelled out in the manual. It is a very important point, thank you!
  2. Nice, thanks. That looks like it worked. So on the 'preset variax model' line right click---not obvious---on the menu to select it and a new menu of the models pops up. brue58ski: achievement unlocked!
  3. I've seen in multiple threads and the manual that you should be able to change the variax model per snapshot; however, it only seems to allow it globally or per preset. Using "HX edit 2.6" (in the first image) you can see that there is an option for snapshot clicking on the camera in the upper right. But in the actual selection area (second image, right side), you only have the global and preset option, nothing on snapshots. I have a JTV59 I think it is, and am using the cat5 cable between it and the helix. Although this snapshot option should be visible independent of the variax. I didn't see anything in the release notes for HX edit that addresses it so I doubt upgrading will fix it. Has anyone else run into this or is there a work around? Thanks, Bobby
  4. Did something change with a recent patch? I have Glenn's patch and it seems that the pitch whammy is keeping the original signal and mixing it with the detuned. I have both toe and heel equal, position can be anything, mix 100%. Has anyone else noticed this? How about just adding an option to control the volume of the original signal? Not just the mix or shifted volume...
  5. You know what I bet it is? Your master volume on the amps are too low. On the amp parameter screen click the right arrow to go to the next set of parameters and crank that thing up. I ran into the same problem at practice the other night. It was baffling. Had my QSC K10 cranked, gain up, amp vol up. Started fishing around, then noticed the master (which isn't on the front screen---maybe it should be) was on a paltry 3.
  6. Fellas, why bother having a unit that supports some 1000 patches across, what, 8 set lists if you can't switch between them quickly? Yes agreed you can do a lot with a single patch---but I paid $1500. And I'm glad it hopefully sounds like Line6 is working this. Buying a second unit (!?!) as was suggested earlier is not even a consideration. Switching between patches quickly is a basic capability if you want to play live. If it can't do that, there's no need for _that_ many patches. It's like putting a V12 engine in your car but you can only drive around on donut tires.
  7. I have found that it simply does not work with 10.9.x. Fortunately I had another computer w/ 10.10 and it worked. You may need the developer's driver if that still doesn't work along with the most current versions of the software. Hopefully that will work for you
  8. Yep, I have the same problem. See my post: http://line6.com/support/topic/18441-helix-software-not-communicating-with-mac/ I have a support ticket open with Line6.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. None of that works. I've tried both 1.0.[6,7] updaters as well as various combinations of turning on the helix, rebooting, etc. My MacMini can see the connection, but the line6 apps aren't talking with their own product. I'll open a ticket. As common as macs are in music these days this should have been tested more thoroughly.
  10. Has anyone had success with their Helix communicating with their mac (for anything)? I am using 10.9.5. I have tried both Helix app 1.0.3 and the new line 6 updater and neither are showing a unit connected (via USB). I think this is a line 6 issue because under 'about this mac/more info/system report/USB/' it clearly shows a Helix unit connected to the 'USB hi-speed bus'---so it's not a bad cord or an Apple issue. Consequently I haven't upgraded to the newest firmware (still on 1.0.4) or checked out you alls tones.
  11. Yes, I love my helix but I was going through all the effects tonight and am disappointed that there are some basic effects missing. It is a multi-effects processor after all. Even garageband has some of this stuff. As their principle device and at $1500 there should be a massive array of types---at least 1 for each of common ones rather than say 5 different compressors. What about an envelope filter and an octaver? My Digitech GNX3000 cost ~$700 eight years ago, sounds great, and has more effects. I agree with the others that Line6' leading product should have all of the effects of their lower cost models.
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