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  1. Does anyone have ever experience problems with different mic/different mic placement between snapshot? I think it might be my problem
  2. I'm starting to dive deeper in the helix recently and play a bit more with parameters. That could explain why other templates don't have that noticable sounds changes (let's say like you guys said instead of ''gap''). I'll work on that and continue learning on the machine. With what you guys are saying and me experimenting on my side too, it might be ''user error'' and not firmware malfunctions. Thank you for you inputs!
  3. I made some test when I came home. Couldn't find a solution but I exported a patch that I copied and which started to have the ''snapshot sound gap'' problem. Hopefully you can see what I try to explain. I've renamed it test only for tracking purpose when I was experimenting earlier. Test.hlx EDIT** It's noticably less a gap then the presets switch. But there was no gap at all before the update. Just a quick note
  4. I'll try and do that when I gat back home later on. I'll also try to point out when the problems seems to occur. Thank you for your help @phil_m
  5. Yes, exactly. I'm getting a gap when changing snapshots. I know that if some settings are quite different you'll ear a difference and that's normal. But now what I'm getting is a gap comparable to the one you get if you change presets (but when I change snapshot)
  6. Hi everyone, First time poster. I have read through the topics here on the forum but it seems like the topic has not been covered. Been using the helix floor for a year now. Great piece of gear! It is in my understanding that using snapshot is the way to go to change parameters with a patch without the ''sound gap'' you would get by switching presets. So I've been using snapshots for in-song changes, and presets for song-to-song (which seems to be common). Until now everything worked fine. I updated to 2.82 lately. I have a couple of presets based on the same ''rig''; the only thing that tends to stay the same would be the amp settings. Effects and snapshot changes. Last week I started to experience a ''sound gap'' (like the one you get when you change presets). Strangely, it seems to be related to when 2 presets are the same, within the setlist. I tried to build the preset from scratch instead of copying it, but as soon as I match the amp settings, I get that problem when I go through the snapshots. I don't know if someone encountered a similar problem, or even if I did explained it well, but if anymore encountered a similar issue, or have a fix... Thanks in advance for your help. English is not my primary language but I'll try to give more details if some of you have question Thank you, C├ędric
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