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  1. So, I just picked up my Firehawk device to replace an aging and somewhat broken M13. I've always enjoyed using the 4CM on the M13 and kind of assumed that I'd be able to do this with the Firehawk. However, I can't seem to find a way to make it work. Is it not possible with this device? If it is, can anyone shed some light on routing like can be done on the M13?
  2. Just went through this on my M13. Make sure you have a "good" USB -> Midi cable. The M-Audio Uno is a known good cable as is iConnectivity Mio. I fiddled for hours with a cheaper cable I bought from Amazon and it simply would not work. You could absolutely tell that the PC was sending Midi commands to the device, but it would never change from the "Waiting" screen. Once I picked up the Mio cable, it worked instantly with the same settings.
  3. MaidenHawaii, You are absolutely correct. It's just a 5-pin DIN connection. My "n00bness" equated 5-pin DIN to MIDI, not realizing that they could be used for different things. So, while it uses a standard MIDI connector, it's not actually using MIDI. So, I'm now looking at a Voodoo Labs Control Switcher as a way to interface the M13 with the amp. The M13 Program Changes that occur when you change scenes can be seen and understood by that device which can then be programmed with switches to tell the amp what to do. Sorry for wasting your time on this, but thanks for the replies!
  4. It does have a midi footswitch plug, actually. The factory footswitch uses a standard midi connection. The problems are; I don't know what midi channel it uses and even if I got them to talk by changing the channel on the M13 to match it (experimentation, I'm sure), I'm not sure what to do on the M13 to make changing scenes tell the amp to switch channels.
  5. If you have a decent MIDI -> USB cable, try backing up your scenes and then doing a factory reset. If you can easily recreate you scenes/patches, then just try a factory reset.
  6. MaidenHawaii, I'm wondering if you could explain how you did this. I don't have a 5150, but a Mesa Rect-o-verb 50 head that came without a footswitch. I've been looking high and low for an original footswitch, but I happen to already have an M13. All the videos I've seen mention a "Amp Gizmo" or "Mini Amp Gizmo" to accomplish this feat. It is a standard midi connector for the original footswitch, so I'm hoping that there is an easy way to do exactly what you're talking about. I'd like to have one scene set up for the clean channel, one for the lead channel and one to duplicate the lead, but turn on the solo setting.
  7. I bet you have an FBV Mk 2 controller hooked up. Unplug it.
  8. On #1, yes, I have the same issue. Unplugging the FBV completely removes the hum. On #2, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "undock the app". However, I have the same issue. I've noticed that if you change a preset/patch and save it, the ABCD buttons on the FBV quit working.
  9. Guitar tone comes out of the Celestion unless stereo effects are added in the correct order of the signal chain, from what I understand and hear.
  10. Good freaking luck, man. I simply can't make it happen with the sound I want. You can try changing the cabinet and mic to get some more volume, but then you screw up your tone. I've played with the EQ and amp volumes to no avail. I simply can't get a nice clean to match the cruch sound I want so that I can toggle between them. In addition to that, I'm finding that if I tweak a patch and save it to the Amplifi, the FBV pedal quits allowing me to change between ABCD until I power cycle the amp. I'm about ready to send this thing back, honestly.
  11. I agree, not very loud and I have the 150. My Egnater 20-watt literally destroys the volume on this thing. Annoyances: 1. The sound is VERY directional. Not what I expected or was hoping for, but workable. 2. iTunes Match not integrated. 3. Inability to adjust the EQ settings for bluetooth streaming on the amp. 4. Volume for patches are extremely different and it's difficult to arrive at a similar volume level for a high gain patch and a clean patch. I crank the volume on the clean amps to 100%, while keeping the high gain amps at 50% and the high gain is way louder. 5. Blend doesn't seem to "scale" correctly, but perhaps this is lack of understanding on my part. For instance, if I want to keep it quiet so as to not disturb the family, I can set the blend and master volumes to matching levels. However, when it's time to up the master volume, the blend volume doesn't always continue to match, forcing you to re-blend. It will also distort badly when doing so, if it does match the volume as you raise it. It seems to me that this should be a percentage deal. If I have the master volume at 10% to 20%, then adjust the blend, when I re-adjust the master volume, the blend should scale right along with the master.
  12. Version 1.00.5 came out today and the release notes indicate that it is supposed to resolve bluetooth connectivity issues. However, now my FBV pedal no longer works correctly. The ABCD buttons no longer changes patches for me :(
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