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  1. mara17

    Thinking about buying a Firehawk

    Searching in youtube found this. Yeah, definitely not sounding nice if you have strings rinning when you change, but I don't regard this as a show stopper.
  2. mara17

    Thinking about buying a Firehawk

    Not late at all, I am still considering. Thanks for your comment!
  3. mara17

    Thinking about buying a Firehawk

    Ok, so how long is that silence if using in Firehawk FX local memory patch? Retrieving patch from cloud in live gig sounds like no-no thing to me :-)
  4. mara17

    Thinking about buying a Firehawk

    I am in bit similar situation as thread starter, considering to get Firehawk FX or some other product which supports Variax. Is there difference in lag depending on what kind of changes are done? If patches are pretty similar, will the lag still be similar regardless of what ever the patches are?
  5. And apparently Firehawk FX
  6. Hi! I am wannabe-variax owner, planning to get my Variax Standard soon. And considering also getting some Line6 Pod Something, but for budget reasons considering second hand. Now I have problems finding proper information what pod models support Variax Standard on what features? At least some older pods don't support setting alternative tunings to pod patches. And I would say that in case I get some pod, having guitar model and tuning on pod pathch would be something I am looking for.