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    Graphic EQ

    Is it so in HD500X that all FX have max 5 params, and so 10band eq comes as 5 band?
  2. mara17

    Graphic EQ

    POH HD Model Gallery https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c087052430f5d6523b/application/pdf/POD HD Series Model Gallery - English ( Rev E ).pdf In that model gallery it says: However, in HD500X having only 5 bands, and highest is 2.2kHz. Am I missing something how to use it, or is it really that way?
  3. Yes, tried even that. Lets see what Line6 support says.
  4. mara17

    pod hd 500x

    If it is 100% working ok it sounds ok deal.
  5. Just updated new firmware to it, and exp calibrated.
  6. Yeah, I've set lower and upper limit properly. And it is not about controller doing nothing, but whole amp getting bypassed/disabled. Question remains, does mapping amp drive or volume to exp work for you? I mean work properly, so that amp still works :-)
  7. I tried to assign amp drive and amp volume to exp1 and exp2. Assigning goes ok but it does not work as it should. Sounds like amp is totally disabled, or at least sound is pretty similar as it would be without amp. And when turning bass-mid-treble knobs, display does not show any of the knob values. Is this normal behaviour with HD500X?
  8. I just got my HD500X, and had to snoop around for a while to get familiar with expression pedal settings. Volume connection to expression pedal is not global, but it is defined in patch. Looks like factory patches which have pedal volume have special volume-effect, and it is connected to expression pedal. And in some cases there is also wah-fx, and that is connected to another exp pedal. Switch between exp1 and exp2 with pushing toe pretty hard. Hopefully this helps.
  9. In setup, it is possible to define ABCD to be FS5-FS8. See 'POD HD500X Advanced Guide' page 2-1 an 2-2. Also switching view to performance view reveals if it is about this setting.
  10. Those 24 comments before did not contain that tip.
  11. Thanks, this was really valuable tip for me. Just got second hand hd500x, and it was full of presets which were something else than originals.
  12. Searching in youtube found this. Yeah, definitely not sounding nice if you have strings rinning when you change, but I don't regard this as a show stopper.
  13. Not late at all, I am still considering. Thanks for your comment!
  14. Ok, so how long is that silence if using in Firehawk FX local memory patch? Retrieving patch from cloud in live gig sounds like no-no thing to me :-)
  15. I am in bit similar situation as thread starter, considering to get Firehawk FX or some other product which supports Variax. Is there difference in lag depending on what kind of changes are done? If patches are pretty similar, will the lag still be similar regardless of what ever the patches are?
  16. Hi! I am wannabe-variax owner, planning to get my Variax Standard soon. And considering also getting some Line6 Pod Something, but for budget reasons considering second hand. Now I have problems finding proper information what pod models support Variax Standard on what features? At least some older pods don't support setting alternative tunings to pod patches. And I would say that in case I get some pod, having guitar model and tuning on pod pathch would be something I am looking for.
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