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  1. To play without an amp, you must select 'no amp' in CLEAN AMP section (on the app).
  2. Ciao mpritch01,in the beginning, I had problems with volume,but then I managed to level everything. First of all, I adjusted the volume out of the firehawk,about like the volume of the guitar connected to the amplifier.Then I adjusted the guitar sounds in rhythmic mode and then I adjusted all the sounds for solos. I use it this way,in each bank I use two presets, for each song, approximately,for example A for rhythm and B for solo (one song), C for rhythm and D for solo (next song). Some songs require 3 sounds, A rhythm 1, B rhythm 2 and C solo,once schematized like this,it's easy to feel the differences between all the rhythms or solos. Good luck and sorry for my bad english.
  3. Try to activate "LIFT" near LEFT/MONO XLR out.
  4. The cable from FHFX to amp is in good condition? Over the hiss you can hear the sound?
  5. You have to try,because if you use ampli simulation and cab,the sound is good for the P.A. but no for the guitar amplifier.
  6. After nine months,I understood that it was the level of white LEDs to change my cruncy tones because I used two different amplifiers in the practice and in the research of tones, a small roland microcube and then again on the ENGL Thunder with stages volumes I have always underestimated the level of white LEDs and his set. Thanks to all from Italy.
  7. I hope I have no problems, I've been buying FH for a month and so far everything worked perfectly,my firmware is 1.30. However, great sounds are obtained. Saluti dall'Italia.
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