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  1. Is there a midi tamp tempo that anyone would recommend for the line 6 HX stomp?
  2. Is it possible for me to control the snapshots on the Hx stomp via midi from the Hx effects? For example, If im on preset 1a snapshot 1 for both the stomp and FX, if i were to switch to snapshot 2 on the FX is there a way to get the HX Stomp to go to snapshot 2 as well with just the one click of the FX?
  3. Bigpapajake

    HX Stomp

    Yea I really hope you can!!!
  4. Bigpapajake

    HX Stomp

    Ohh okay. Do you know how I would be able to do that tho? I’ve tried and tried but can’t figure it out haha
  5. Bigpapajake

    HX Stomp

    Does anyone know how/if you can change the colors of the footswitches on the HX Stomp????
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