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  1. Doesn't the Katana head have this setting? "Acoustic - Amazing acoustic setting so that you can use the amp with your electro-acoustic guitar." Still probably not as good as FRFR/going direct to powered PA but give it a try if so (once you have an acoustic patch on the HX), or is that what you are doing and the problem was the HX patch?
  2. It would be good to know from Line6 where in the signal path the Global String Levels takes effect. I assumed it was on the output coming from the modelling but I see your thinking that it might be on the input. But worth a try and if you find it improves things for you, then all for the good. I seem to have a weak A string piezo and have reduced all other strings by -10db to -6db to get them balanced. Not noticed any effect on the sound but not really tested for that.
  3. Have used designacable for the past few years for multiple cables for the band. All good quality and quick turnaround.
  4. Hi George any update on this? I have had a Helix Floor about 6 weeks and just had a go with my CPS v2 (that I use with Nord keyboard) with Powercab. Going to try W/D/W and some rotary sounds to see if worth taking to gigs. I suspect not, we play fairly standard rock/pop covers so no ambient/worship sounds with big reverbs/delays etc
  5. Still got my mine that I used with Nord keyboard. It is great for organ sounds with Leslie effects and any stereo patch especially strings. Never liked it with guitar. Had a little try tonight with Helix floor with some stereo patches and in conjunction with Powercab and sounded pretty good. What was very noticeable was that the reverb/delays and other effects went on for much longer on the Spacestation than the Powercab. Too much in fact. Will try out some rotary effects and a W/D/W config over the weekend and see if can get a better mix. The other thing with the Spacestation is that they sound much better from a distance to get the stereo effect - 10 feet or more and you must feed it stereo. Not sure whether it will be worth lugging it to a gig and don't think it would cope on its own in rock band but will so how it goes.
  6. The one thing that stops me getting a Helix (but I will eventually succumb) is the thought of having to go wired for gigs again. I would be happy to stay with wireless output from my JTV-89F guitar jack to the Helix - I don't need to send the guitar sound through the VDI even if it sounds a bit better. I guess what is driving the expense of a VDI wireless solution is the need to handle the data from guitar to Helix - but I don't need that. What I really want is just for the Helix to send changes to the guitar to tell it which model to use and what tuning. 99% of the time the change would be between songs so a bit of latency over a solution like Wifi or Bluetooth would not be a problem - and it couldn't be much data. But it may be difficult to add on to the current VDI implementation - it would have to plug into VDI and Jack at the same time without blowing the circuits (see separate thread), send the jack sound off to the wireless pack, fool the VDI into thinking it was talking to the Helix if needed for any handshakes etc and receive change messages from the Helix over whatever wireless solution was implemented for doing that.
  7. 1) Ability to go wireless yet change models through foot switches/Helix/whatever (but not Alexa/Siri - now that could be an interesting gig)?. 2) Embedded Artificial Intelligence that takes my approximation of what I am trying to play and makes me sound like my selected guitar hero model. 3) Guitar body that changes shape and color to match selected model 4) Self-playing guitar I can leave on stage and go to the bar instead
  8. Try this bundle, works for me. Have not tried this one but does much the same
  9. Have been playing with a new 89F since Christmas and used it for first rehearsal yesterday. Goes into an H&K Grandmeister head and cab. No issues so far and I like it very much, especially the neck. Band members thought it was a better sound than my previous guitar which goes to show a $4K PRS doesn't necessarily make the sound you want for a live band - we play fairly standard rock and pop covers. I bought it for gigging not recording and so far the ability to switch tunings and use different sounds including acoustics has made a big difference to several of the songs and saved messing about mid-gig with capos and re-tuning. I added a Tremolo-No and set it to dive only to prevent strings going out of tune if 1 should break during a gig - took about 30 mins to do. Generally I find posts on forums are from the hopefully relatively few people who are having problems rather than the many who are more than happy - which can give a negative impression of any product. So far I find it is a great guitar, actually better than I expected, even just on the mag pups which sound almost identical to the Lester models. Will probably post a more extensive review after a few more weeks and a couple of gigs.
  10. I just got a new JTV-89F and see recommendation to use TRS cable. Is that TRS at both ends or TRS into guitar and TS at other end into pedal board? Mind you am using a G70 for gigs, so this is really just for practice at home. Thanks.
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