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  1. Yeap!! I didn’t know that floor unit doesn’t had a tow switch input as well... that’s why I was scratching my head! Hahaha thanks a lot bud! Everything’s working fine now!
  2. Hey @Verne-Bunsen, hope you’re doing well mate. So basically what happened is that the tow switch on my helix (I’m using Helix rack + control) doesn’t work with the 10k resistance - it works closing the circuit. So once the tip touches the ring, it changes the wah to ON/OFF. So I changed the 3pdt switch to a momentary one and everything’s working beautifully. Ps. I purchased a aluminium enclosure from China, after some paint and other small details, it looks better than the Mission Engineering... and spent like $60 in everything! Hahahah
  3. Hey Hey mate, I found the issue. For some odd reason, my helix control understands just a momentary switch (so that why when I was coming back to the initial state, it turned the wah block ON-OFF). So is not about having the 10k resistance between wires, but actually closing the circuit. The thing is: can I use this 3PDT switch that I bought ($12 here in Australia) hahah or do I need a specific momentary one??
  4. @l_sap120394 @rd2rk thank you so much guys!
  5. Hey guys, I’m using Helix Rack + Controller paired with a Triaxis. I was using both in the same midi channel but as Triaxis is also controlling the modes of my power amp (2:90) I’ll have to use it in channel #2. How can I go about choosing a preset on Helix and sending automatically a midi message to control the Triaxis on Chanel #2?? cheers.
  6. Hey @Verne-Bunsen , thank you so much man! I tried the same thing here for my helix and for some odd reason, I need to click the 3dpt switch twice to engage and then twice to disengage. I wired exactly as you did... so I'm wondering if maybe I got a different switch? Do you know what I am missing? hahaha Thanks!
  7. @a2dconverterguy and @doughadfield thanks for the help!! It works! It works! hahaha I was able to get all the parts and put this together. Everything works fine, HOWEVER, I still have one question: The idea here is to be able to control the voicing modes (three) of my Mesa 2:90 so I can assign a mode for every patch. I was used to simply chose voices using the Triaxis switch buttons on the front panel - but I'm not using Triaxis for all presets so I need to have this done by Helix. The thing which annoys me is that I have to go on every preset > command center > assign to a footswitch > chose the mode I want for that preset > save. I'm not changing mode within the same preset/snapshot so my question is: is there an easy way to configure this switches for each preset without having all that hassle mentioned above?? Thanks a lot! Ren
  8. Hey Joe!!! huge thanks for this. I’m not a really tech savvy (basic skills in electronic and soldering only) so could you send a photo showing the small box you mentioned with the wiring/jacks/FET so I can do it as well? I’m unsure of how to wire (cause my understanding of electronic layouts it’s almost zero) ... hahaha I really need to control 3 different channels of my amp and this will be just the perfect solution! Thank you so much man!
  9. Hey guys, I was trying to solve this as well and to be really sincere, best way to do it is just moving the input jack... hahaha That's pretty simple once the input jack / PCB is only held by the front nut. I replaced by a dummy jack (just to look the same) and I created another hole on the rear panel to install the input jack (can you notice which one is the new one? hahah) Ps. use a rubber/plastic nut to separate the chassis to the input jack. Easy and now all my cables are hidden!
  10. Does anyone already tested the guitar into FX RETURN instead of using the front INPUT? The idea of having a cable going to the front of the rack is just annoying... Thanks guys!
  11. Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of that good and warm tube amp sounding. I'm a using a Mesa Boogie Triaxis over the past 5 years always with multi FX rack units (PCM 80, Eclipse, G-Major, G-Force, etc.). I have been using the Axe Fx Ultra over the last two months and I decided to give Helix a go. I know it's a amp modeler and its made so we don't have to use anything else... BUT, I'd appreciate if a current owner could share an opinion on how can I wire these two units together. Many thanks!
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