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  1. another confirm thanks for your hard work....i have a acer predator helios and they stock put the m.2 ssd in disk 1 slot and the 2nd spot was hdd there was nothing in slot 0 so i moved the m.2 there and now hx edit works
  2. man you saved me that worked i swapped around my ssd from how they sent it new and it works now thats such a strange fault to have in a program if the computer doesnt have slot 0 occupied hx edit wont work thats crazy thanks for the help
  3. ive tried 2 cables and all 3 usb ports on the laptop....my gaming pc has same version of windows and both usb cables work with it in everyport
  4. I upgraded laptops and put hx edit on new laptop, all it does is screenshot my background and say no device as soon as it reads my lt it closes edit and nothing happens, ive tried uninstalling and re installing and cant figure it out on my previous acer predator it worked perfectly, and I just installed helix edit 2.9 to gaming desktop and it worked perfectly any ideas on what the issue is it is very frustrating because I keep studio one and all my music files on my laptop and its nice to use hx edit on the go I was able to bring my lt to 2.9 threw line 6 updater on the laptop but edit wont open
  5. jcallon

    Fully wireless

    I have the helix lt and a Friedman powercab curious as to if anyone knows if using the nux b2 to transmit the guitar to the helix and then using a nux b3 in the xlr out to my friedman xlr in would work in making me wireless other than my power cable for cab and helix
  6. i have a issue with marketplace any time i try to put the bought presets in i get a error saying i need to verify my computer i did this threw liscence manager and still have same issue
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