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  1. That's what was going to be my last resort, but just thought someone here on the forum may have come across this issue and found a different solution that does not involve having to reset global settings depending upon the task in hand. Thanks again, Steve
  2. Hi silverhead, Thanks for your reply. Yes, should have mentioned, I am aware of the Globals but was trying not to disable the midi function. Steve
  3. Hello, I have recently started using HELIX Floor as the interface between my laptop and Reaper via USB and been well impressed with the results. However, I do have a little issue. When hooked-up as described, switching presets on the HELIX (using foot-switches or the presets knob) Reaper receives a "Play" command. Not too much of an issue if the presets are next to each other, but a real pain if scrolling thru a set-list when they are spaced a number of places apart. There is only one preset on the device which has some of the foot-switches configured to "talk" to Reaper i.e. "Play" "Stop" "Record", but it is not being used in this instance. Can anyone throw any light on what might be causing this behaviour? Firmware 2.92 Reaper v6.13 Windows 10 Steve
  4. Steverudduk

    Helix 2.9

    I had this happen to me also V2.8.2. Fixed it by deleting the helix driver from my laptop, then downloaded it again from Line 6 website and reinstalled...sorted. Hope this helps. Steve
  5. I cannot replicate this behavior ether. Everything works fine for me on Helix Floor (2.80)
  6. Copy the block before you change it. If you then want to go back to your original setting just paste the block back into the chain.
  7. DunedinDragon, Thanks for your help. Although I had downloaded version 2.7.1 of HX Edit, I hadn't installed it...working fine now. Cheers, Steve
  8. Hi All, I am a new user, about six weeks with the Helix. I am experiencing a problem which only seems to occur to the Setlist which is 3rd in the Setlists drop down (i.e. USER 1). Whenever i create or save a preset (even with a unique name) to bank position 04C, it is duplicated at bank position 05B and then every other position onward, throughout the Setlist (these preset positions retain their default "New Preset" name). Changes made any one of these copies affects ALL presets. This behavior also occurs if try to create/save a preset at any position within the range noted. I have tried exporting a blank Setlist (USER 2) and then importing it over USER 1, but the problem reoccurs. I am now into my 3rd rebuild of the Setlist and becoming really frustrated with this!!! The Helix was delivered with Firmware 2.6 and I immediately updated it to 2.7 and it is now at 2.7.1. Is this a bug or possibly a fault with my hardware? Steve
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