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  1. It works perfectly. The sweep for a wah is different, but completely acceptable. And... You can configure it to automatically go off in tow or heel position!
  2. Just a quick "thank you" for adding the Tone Sovereign to the 2.8 update. A clone of the KOT was my last analog pedal on my board and has been the source of my main crunch sound for a couple of years up to now. I did an A/B with the Tone Sovereign and while there is a slight difference, I cannot tell which one is better (and forgot which one I was on after some playing).
  3. The vol pedal needs a trs cable. Could have made a trs into ts and trs as well. But this way, I only need one long trs cable and a short ts cable. Stuff, I always have in my cable box, so no need for special cables, which I tend to forget at home...
  4. I don't know, if this has been described somewhere else, but I thought I'd share it. I wanted to use my Line6 HX Stomp with an existing volume pedal (Boss FV-500-L) and a momentary footswitch. To use the expression output of the volume pedal alone with the HX, no modifications are required, just make sure you use a TRS (stereo) cable (mono - TS - won't work). If you want to use an additional footswitch (which will show up as FS5 (!) in the HX) you need to get hold of the ring and the sleve of the TRS cable and connect a momentary footswitch. I found the easiest way to do it was to add a mono (TS) jack to the volume pedal and connect it to the jack PCB as shown. Don't be irritated by the dc jack I also added to the pedal: I added a buffer to the pedal as well, but the mod for the HX is completely passive / does not require power.
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