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  1. Simon268

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Hmmm As a programmer myself i am not at all calmed down by the explanation of corrupt presets. User data (as presets are) should NEVER disturb system integrity (starting with UI up until crashing the whole system). ....it even shouldnt effect other user data (other presets). E.g. your PC shouldnt crash because of orthographic errors in a single word document.
  2. Simon268

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    DAMNN!!! That looks really f...-ed up. :-O :-O :-O I have no idea what the cause might be. I think you should contact line6 support. Wishing you good luck!!
  3. Simon268

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    My point is not so much respect (or the lack thereof) but that the level relations typically serve a distinct purpose (the soft swell whispers, the rhythm punches, ....). And that is worth preserving.
  4. Simon268

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    I surely hope so!!! ;-) If an author does ANYTHING in his preset unintenionally, i wouldn't be a customer for too long. :-D :-D :-D What to you think about my approach: To add a fixed gain block directly before the output block. ? It should conserve the author intended level relations between the snapshots ... or am i missing something? (needs very few DSP and should fit in every preset ... maybe after a little block shifting) I thought a lot about why this even is a topic for me now on the Helix and never before. And I think the reason is that it is my first unit with analog (= not part of the preset) volume knob (in combination with no output level meter). There are many approaches on how to set the button (12 o'clock, 10 o'clock, max, ...) - all working fine for the resp. preset author, but a difficult for someone who uses presets with different 'volume knob philosophies. Bye Simon
  5. Simon268

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    'You dont know how lucky you are, Boys!' ;-) i had a tc electronics g system for a couple of years and THAT was digital guirks HELL. Every preset backup was a 50/50 gamble of getting your presets scrambled (on the device!! And the backup files) .... from being deleted up to just lost/altered a few settings/parameters of a few presets. ;-)
  6. Simon268

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    @codamedia Maybe it's hard to believe, but i really didn't. :-) i was always a multieffects guy and since my first steps in 1989 the Helix is my fourth device and the first one without (what i call) a simple way of leveling presets....even the first one without a level meter. But our main difference seems to be that we are talking about two very different scenarios: - You are talking about building a preset on your own, adding one block after the other, routing paths, fiddeling parameters, customizing snapshots,... - i am on the other hand talk about buying 12 presets from 5 different sources, all with different (but very sophisticated) philosophies about how to build presets (incl. Routing, snapshot design, .... and levelling!!). All those presets sound awesome ..... as long as i keep my fat fingers from the parameters. :-) You explained very well why you don't need 'a simple way' (or how your way is simple) in your scenario. But it doesn't apply to mine. bye Simon
  7. Simon268

    lo-pass filter auto sweep on Helix / HX Fx

    Hmmm i thought the '...Filter > Asheville Pattrn (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Moog® Moogerfooger® MF-105M MIDI MuRF Filter (with both MuRF and Bass MuRF voicings...' would be for that.... I didn't have the time to try it yet but the MF-105 videos show that effect. (and the triggering LFO cant be the problem because every phaser does essentially the same thing) bye Simon
  8. Simon268

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Hi i think that you (and some others) have lost track of the arguments: 'i have problems after upgrading 2.6 -> 2.81' 'maybe you should try upgrading 2.6 -> 2.71 -> 2.81' 'but i read about a lot of problems with upgrading to 2.81' 'yes, but many people are having no problems with upgrading 2.71 -> 2.81 and those who have mostley didn't follow the instructions properly' So i would strongly suggest that you upgrade via 2.71, - i dont think it is unlikely that skipping one version is not as well implemented/tested by line6 and therefore error prone, - And since you are - as you state - very thorough with the upgrade process, you are very likely to not run into (the) problems (the other ran into). :-) What do you have to lose - except for a little time? bye and good luck Simon p.s Some problems have been reported with version 2.80 that are fixed in 2.81 and some are reported with 2.81 - but they are way fewer and minor. And i bet 2.60 and 2.71 aren't 100% bug free ;-)
  9. Simon268

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    I have this problem mainly with imported presets .... and usually they come with that... And THAT is exactly what i call 'not simple' ;-) ... esp for presets that are created by somebody else, where i have to work through 10 blocks over 8 Snapshots and readjust the levels... Compare that with one turn on the volume knob (or one gain block at the end of the chain) and i think it's clear what i mean.
  10. Simon268

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    Thanks for the advice. The output block was always my first approach- But (if i recall correctly) in a lot of cases the output block was also part of the individual snapshots (exactly how you suggested to compensate different gain levels). So you have to adjust it for every snapshot individually ... and risk to lose the original volume relations between the snapshots. :-( So e.g. a 'attenuate/push proportional over all snapshots' feature would be nice. And THAT's what the Volume knob does .... unfortunately not saveable :-D. On the other hand that might be a solution: A gain block (not 'snapshotified') directly before the output block .... that should do the trick, doesn't it? Bye Simon
  11. Simon268

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    Hi, i am also having problems with handling consistent levels over different presets. And although i won't deny the effects of perceived loudness, EQing, Fletcher/Munson, .... i dont think they are the main reason for one preset being hardly audible and the next blasting your brains out of your ears. And THAT is what i experience (esp. with imported presets). I don't mind a metal preset being more gritty and powerful and the clean ambience preset being more constraint. But when one Pink Floyd preset lets you turn the volume knob to 2 o'clock and the next one to 10 - and NOT having a simple way to fix that - is just weird. And I don't consider going through a 3 parameters of 3 Blocks over 9 Snapshots 'simple'. I really love the Helix and i can live with that oddity - but i can't understand when people are just denying it (and declare it a user error). Bye Simon P.S.: Not that i want to go back, but with the tc electronics g system i never had (nor heard of) similar problems. ;-) P.P.S: Thank God for the volume knob at least ... it would have been far worse if one would have to go through menus for that.
  12. Simon268

    Path 2B disapears (soundwise) [RESOLVED in 2.81]!!!

    Maybe it would help if you uploaded the preset? That could stop the 'What is this? How is that parameter? ..."-game.... ;-) ... and whoever wants to help you could experience it by himself and working on (and verifiying) a solution on his own.
  13. Simon268

    Multiband distortion article

    Aha!! Thanks. So i am NOT blind ... good to know! :-D Unfortunately i doesn't have my Helix at hand at the moment and just would've wanted a quick first impression of what it sounds like - and also you MADE the samples for that: So i think they would transfer the idea better than me fiddeling something i don't really understand. ;-)
  14. Simon268

    Multiband distortion article

    Thank you ... very inspiring article!! But: Craig mentions 'audio expamples" .... and i dan't find them enywhere. Am I blind? Or did I misinterpret? ...
  15. Simon268

    Paths are confusing...

    Hi and congrats to entering the Helix world! It's full of fun and wonders. :-D ... unfortunately the user interface is completely overloaded with all those kind of 'shortcuts' - where simple commands would be a lot easier (not only regarding paths). But don't lose hope: You get used to it and/or switch to using HX Edit (the client software for pc/mac) :-D I personally use A) the Helix's interface for 'sound parameters' of the blocks (choosing the block, setting up gain, delay time, compression, eq, ...) because it is very self explainatory, quick and 'reality like'. It's easy to play your guitar and turn a button at (nearly) the same time. B) For all the other stuff ('routing', controllers, in/output configuration, ....) i use HX edit. Great that you can use A) und B) at the same time! Rock on .... it's worth it! Simon268