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  1. I'm on my phone and can't construct a full description here, so forgive the cross-post. I think this is a very exciting idea that could easily be implemented. Let me know if you agree.
  2. I've come up with a quick way to select presets if you have your Helix plugged in via USB. See this post over on the Keyboard Maestro forum for more info.
  3. I had an issue where USB connection would drop after I put my mac to sleep, so I got a Kasa smart plug and set it to switch off the power to my pedalboard (including my HX Stomp) whenever my mac sleeps and turns it on again when it wakes. This makes sure there's always a refreshed connection. Works a treat!
  4. Thankyou! Which manual is this? The one I have for the stomp is only 51 pages long.
  5. Is it possible to switch between button modes via MIDI? For example, can I send a CC/PC message to my HX Stomp that switches it into Snapshot mode?
  6. Oh wow! In my existing preset those options weren't showing up, but I deleted the block and reloaded it and there they are! Thanks! I'm gonna experiment now. Muchas gracias! edit: thought you had to keep your foot on the button, but somehow got it working perfectly! you're a hero!
  7. I've got it an A/B split on the same button as the sustainer, but i think there's a timing issue where the A/B crossfade isn't quick enough to send the signal to the sustainer, so you end up with a very low gain capture. Been scratching my head but can't find a workaround. Any ideas?
  8. not working here on 3.0. anyone else had any luck?
  9. it's showing the version number of your hardware at the bottom. check the "about" section under the main menu. you probably need to download and install the latest version of Edit.
  10. Really liking the princeton with the Marshall G10 IRs. Don't know of anyone else who does the G10. Sounds very 3D to me.
  11. Loving it so far. Trying to figure out a way to have Poly Sustain on path B so I can add some chorus, but can't make it 100% wet as they only included a level control, so kinda scratching my head...
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