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    Bias DT-25 amp

    Last week i replaced all tubes for the first time. But before doing that I measured the current bias. On V3 I measured 31mv and on V2 i measured 26mv. The 12AX7 was indeed a Chinese generic one and the two EL84 were the (probably) original Electro Harmonix ones. I swapped them out for an Electro Harmonix 12AX7 en two (matched pair) Sovteks. I could not believe my eyes when I measured 23mv on V2 and V3. The original pair looked like the picture, one looked a bit "burned". Is this normal that there is such a difference?
  2. detlevski

    DT25: mode 4 hum

    I am not that sure it is just a matter of changing tubes. In my case the hum (and noise) was caused bij the HyperGravity Compressor. In the default profiles all the 3 different settings use Auto Gain. Obviously a high gain mode setting of the DT25 is more susceptible for noise that is amplified by the Auto Gain feauture. Using TonePrint I have created a setting with Auto Gain off and reduced the noise and hum.
  3. detlevski

    DT25: mode 4 hum

    I also have a big difference in hum in mode 4 and the rest, disabling the compressor fixes it. Not really an option.
  4. detlevski

    Support Netherlands

    Thanks, after posting this question I found that there is indeed a service center. So, we are good to go! Next week the DT25 will arrive in the store. Can't wait!
  5. detlevski

    Support Netherlands

    I want to buy a DT25 combo, but I want to be shure I can get official support here in the Netherlands. I live in Amsterdam. Are there people here that have positive experiences with support. Line6 is very well known here and support can be necessary. Thanks