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  1. @GregJ If you're willing to open source it to the community, it's such a brilliant foundation that should definitely be continued. I'd like to add links through to as well for the various amps.
  2. Couldn't find this listed anywhere, but find myself doing this a lot and would appreciate one of these approaches to speed up sound design process. Scenario: 1) Add an Amp/Cab "A+C" block as part of a chain. 2) Get the Amp/Cab block setup and then realise I need to split between two cabs, or an IR block. There's two possibilities to solve this and really add some time saving: a) "Split Amp/Cab" - which would convert the A+C block into separate Amp and Cab blocks next to each other with all the settings transferred from original A+C. b) "Copy/Paste Settings" - copy from one Block, apply to another overwriting any relevant settings.
  3. So, Helix Native 3.0, first time load just fixed ALL of them. I have access to all my old presets again. Definitely a strange upgrade problem somewhere on a previous update.
  4. Exactly the same thoughts here: Mulitple Computers Different versions of Helix Software (OneDrive) syncing between them Couple more questions for you: Do you think it run the update multiple times on your sync'd presets? What DAW are you using? I'm in Ableton 11. Did you upgrade from 1.8* to 1.9*? Other things my side: I'm using a Win10 64bit (1904) I've got a desktop and a laptop both with helix installed - desktop gets updated a lot more often than Laptop. I don't do a lot of music on the go - mainly installed there for holidays etc.
  5. I never solved it. Do you have OneDrive and it installed in multiple locations? Wondering if this might have been the problem?
  6. Hi All, Been looking to move forward with my Helix sound as finding not getting the growl I want. From reading around it appears it's due to the missing the ability to move the mic around in the Cab Sim (Miss this on Guitar Rig 5 - definitely the missing ingredient as kinda matching up that's the bit that goes from cleanish to the magic growl). I can get a rough thing in Ableton using either a follow up Guitar Rig 5 or an Ableton Cab Sim after - but... urgh... missing the point of getting this thing in the first place - not lugging a laptop around. Read a few posts with people saying IRs are the solution to this, and after a bit of digging found this: which looks more than a little tasty. Has anyone used it and imported the IRs into the Helix/Native? Looks like it exports 24bit and Helix takes 16bit (so will have to whack it through a converter) - although it also says "All imported .wav files are converted" - so does Helix do this? Or am I foraging into uncharted territory and I should feedback once I've done it?
  7. Thanks - searched through that and could not see that. Still haven't solved the ongoing problem. Suspect it's an upgrading problem. As it's part of My Documents, I wonder if it's a syncing problem with OneDrive? I'm guessing nobody else has hit this problem? Means I've lost my limited presets.
  8. Hi All, Not sure what's going on here. In Ableton 10, with Helix Native 1.91. Whenever I click on any preset (default or personal) I get a popup with "Failed to load preset. An invalid parameter was specified ". No further information than this. The US Double Nrm loads up fine, but I can't reselect it. I've tried uninstalling, reboot, installing. I've tried uninstalling, reboot, installing 1.82. Same problem with both. I can still drag and drop things around on a - but something's wonky in the presets. Now the interesting > If I save a preset I can start loading it. Looks like some upgrading hasn't happened somewhere with 1.82 to 1.91, but had messed up somehow. I've managed through the COG/Presets/IRS > Restore Factory Setlists to get the Factory ones working. So this leaves my existing Settings buggered. Any ideas? Or if anyone knows where the presets are kept?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I did a quick search, but obviously hit up all the wrong words! Sounds like a whole bunch of typical political bullcrap somewhere in the line. Might change my order and get a SL3 instead to try and improve my keyboard skills.
  10. Hi all, I bought a Helix last year, and then decided to buy a Variax to go with it. I put the order in back end of November and it's listed as "Waiting on Supplier" by the shop I bought it from - which took the amount in payment. Looking around the net, it really does appear there aren't any in stock in the UK anywhere. Hoping someone on here knows the answers to some of my questions: 1) Are they still in production? 2) Is there something afoot - nothing announced at NAMM2020 tho... 3) Is there going to be another Limited Edition run? 4) Should I just get my money back? Thanks all!
  11. Total star! Yeah, it's a bit of a fail on their part > I've downloaded all the manuals not just the mother Helix, so the HX Stomp, to get some of the details. To be fair, I do this sort of organisation for a living (rounding up Techy people and getting them to write things down) and have worked in some much much bigger companies than L6 that have been completely all over the shop - so this is a minor problem.
  12. This is all very fine and dandy, but when are they going to update the main thread to "Summer 2019". XD Catching up on this, and saw a few comments on extra amps > I don't want amps, I want more fx, and better ones that allow me better options. I don't want 1:1 models of existing I want the functionality of X with the tones of Y, for instance a Triple Delay which allows for reverse etc... I'm finding (especially in the delays) I've got the swell delay on that bit, but then another specialised bit of delay over there, and I'm having to come up with some most excellent routing... ah all fun and forced me to learn the Helix a lot more than surface. Such a great bit of kit.
  13. Big love @teo-torriate, this xlsx is near perfect! Wish it had: Line 6 Colour Scheme (seriously... they've hit upon something with this) All the comments about the new amps and fx (For instance the Ganymede, Line 6 Doom etc) The community really need a single place source for up-to-date(ish) answers for all the items. Could add whether it's available in HX, HX Lt, HX Stomp etc as an additional fields. I'm sure I'm not the only one finding it annoying trawling google to find the answers. Going to start backfilling this as I find them and will re-add at some point.
  14. To start with, I'm not in the same boat here, but a good tale that this is either the GP or your tones. Anyway, hold my chocolate milk (@Kilrahi - made me proper lol reading your line), I need to roll my sleeves up. I'm in a band (Isola (UK band) if anyone cares to investigate) and both guitarists until the last 6 months used Native Instruments Guitar Rig with Rig Kontrol. At gigs we were get other bands guitarists coming up to see our pedal boards and ask for settings to see how we got our ambient sounds and some of our big doomy sounds. Now, it's taken me years to find anything that comes even close to be able to supply what NI-GI does and Helix is the first thing that not only does that, but does it better. Sure, i'd like the routing to be a better (multi-splits), and I'd like a few of the items to be a bit less modelled and more "generic does everything" like the Kemplar items (are you listening Mr Line6!). But it is simply a shedload better sounding. Hey maybe this damned missing 2.8 update is going to solve this! It's... hey... where is it? 20 days left of Spring... ;) So whereas I've switched over to helix, the other guitarist is switching back to all pedals and backbreaking Fender Twin. If you're already plugged into FR speakers than you should be fine - but be warned not all FRs are equal. I'm not going down the FR route, I'm going down an Laney Ironheart IRT-SLS 300 route, so I'm mixing and matching. It's adding a bit of extra own tone, but it's also giving me some Black Country doomness (well I think it does, but hey who knows). It's light, doesn't attempt to kill me like the Fender Twin. Does plugging into an FR sound different? Yes. Does plugging into the Twin sound different? Yes. Do either sound better? No - just different, and it's completely subjective to what your requirements and your eq settings, boost the crap out of things. However, there are certain people that are always going to vote for a certain thing, no matter the weight of facts against that... and no matter how much milkshake gets thrown over them well... won't change their mind. So unless the GP is the "king" of your band, and the problem is that you can't get loud enough to the drummer (not the GP - often a perceived problem because they've stood 0"s away from the bloody cabs), then stick with what YOU want to do. It's meant to be a band - it's meant to be a combination of what you all bring. Isola works at it's best when everyone is doing what they do best. I spent years arguing throughout the 90s because my god I wanted to put the reverb in front of the delay in front of the distortion, cause yes that huge wall of distortion that's what I wanted... and yes, it works... now dissolve in it! xD
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