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  1. Yes - it behaves in exactly the same way whether the polarity is ‘normal’ or ‘inverted’ (that is the behaviour doesn’t reverse - it’s still 0% at heel and toe and 100% in mid position). I’m wondering whether the pedal only functions properly with tip and ring in play - it works fine with a single end to end TRS cable. but the fact that it seems to partially work wants me to be able to fix it AND use a FS5U at the same time! Greedy...
  2. Hey guys. New to the Helix world and absolutely loving the Stomp - it’s replaced my entire Hot Rod Deluxe + FX8 for an upcoming tour requiring simple patch changes. I have managed to set up a Mission expression pedal (no toe button) to control parameters just fine. I have also set up 2 x FS5U foot switches as FS4 and FS5 no problem using a Y cable. So far, so very useful. But my problem comes if I have one FS5U and the Mission pedal through the Y cable at once. The FS works fine, but the expression pedal travels from 0% at the heel, through 100%, and back to 0% at the toe position. I have them both assigned as FS and EXP respectively, but I can’t seem to find the magic combination of position and polarity to get it just to dial from 0% heel to 100% toe... Any suggestions? Ps. I’m running all the latest software etc...
  3. I am having exactly the same trouble. Double click to install, and then the verifying window pops up. And.... nothing happens. Progress bar stays at 0% running MacBook Pro with El Capitan any ideas how to get past this hurdle?
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