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    Guitar background: started as a classical guitarist and ended up going to college for Music. Lots of Metal in the early days (Iron Maiden, Dio, Merciful Fate/King Diamond, Kreator, etc.), was also a Shrapnel kid and listened to guitarists like Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie, etc. Also listened to a lot of R&B and Blues guitarists due to the music store I worked in.

    Pre-Line 6: taught guitar and worked in a mid-sized music store. played in numerous original metal bands, lots of concert production.

    with Line 6: Started in customer service (codename: Line6Andy) and was a staff writer for Guitarport Online. Beta tester and tone writer for numerous Line 6 products such as POD X3, Spider Jam, Spider IV, POD HD, JTV, DT series, etc. Later became a Line 6 Product Specialist for in store clinics, store training and video demonstration.

    You can see what I am currently up to on twitter at: @line6aparedes
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Community Answers

  1. If you want to power a Variax instrument externally, you can use the XPS DI. They are currently out of stock in the US shop, but may be able to source regionally or online: https://shop.line6.com/accessories/guitar-accessories/jtv-variax-cable-power-kit.html
  2. Instead of changing the blades on the unit itself, have you considered using a "travel kit" outlet adapter? The DC3/g/h are 100-240v (50/60 hz) compatible, so there will not be an issue there. I have done this in the past when working in different regions and have never had an issue. When you're not performing you can use the same adapter to power other items.
  3. that case looks amazing, well done! If someone is interested in an "official" POD Go shoulder bag, here is the link: https://shop.line6.com/accessories/bags-covers-cases/pod-go-bag.html
  4. Did a quick search of Everygrey amps and found three it looks like they are associated with- I recommend starting with a PV Panama (Peavey 5150), German Mahadeva (Bogner Shiva), or German Ubersonic (Bogner Überschall). I personally like to use dual cabs with a dynamic and condenser mic to widen the range of tone. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi Vorak, You can definitely get high gain sounds on LT, you'll just need to decide which amps work best for your applications. in case this is helpful: Chemical X was a Marshall SLP with the Bradshaw gain boost (AKA "Dookie") Mod. You could try putting a boost in front of a Brit Plexi and adjust from there? Lunatic was an alternative to Insane, a bit of a happy accident. Insane based on the POD 1.0 Recto with gain added Some amps that you may like that didn't exist on the previous products are Revv Gen Red & Archetype Lead. Line 6 Badonk is an update of Big Bottom, which was a manipulated Triple Recto. Hope this helps!
  6. AParedes

    Edge Thing

    Here is an old Edge article we have used quite a bit, as well as using dual delays: http://www.amnesta.net/edge_delay/ along the same lines - here are some cool notes on how David Gilmour did similar delay settings - http://www.gilmourish.com/?page_id=50 have fun!
  7. unfortunately there aren't many places that are going to list just numerical values, perhaps you can find an older computer that you can download gearbox onto for testing?
  8. losing power in the middle of an update is a bad thing... Unfortunately this requires a trip to an authorized repair center.
  9. you're talkin about an MXR Distortion+? I asked our head of modeling about that for when we are recreating artist tones (i.e. Randy Rhoads). he pulled up the schematics for the MXR and said the circuit is not really a full on "distortion" pedal like we think of these days, more of an OD. I was told the DOD 250 and Tube screamer would be good substitutes, so try the TS first and see how that works out.
  10. wow - sorry to hear about the loss! +1 to all comments above. the X has a little more processing (and a slightly higher screen resolution to my eyes), but the functionality is the same. hope this helps get you back performing.
  11. another common trouble-shooting measure is to ensure everything in the audio chain is plugged into the same power source - meaning that your Helix (or amps/pedals) should go into the same power source as the PA that you'll be connecting to. This will help resolve many grounding issues that you'll run into in rehearsal/performance situations.
  12. the only way I have been able to do this is to "add 1" to the FS assignments. I.e. - FS2 on the Pro X is FS3 on the FBV3, and so on. FS1is "hard assigned" to the looper, so don't plan to use that unless you are doing looping.
  13. Angus & Malcolm were all about Humbucking guitars into marshalls - here is a tone template to help you out: http://line6.com/data/6/0a0643891075c57b6438b9832f/application/pdf
  14. you are not lost, that is "how it is". the FBV3 is much newer than HD, and FS1 is now auto-assigned to the looper on/off (which would have been on FS5 on the 500X). that means everything is shifted over 1. (the "function" button is the setlist changer) I was originally a little bummed on this - I really like the FBV3 format/lights for use in my performance rig with my HD Pro X and was hoping this could be changed, but after speaking with a few people internally I don't see that happening in the forseeable future. the silver lining: I just reassigned where the buttons were I wanted to go and it works great - had completely forgotten about that situation until I saw your post, which means that you'll probably adjust pretty quickly/easily ;)
  15. Trolley - sounds like you have firmware prior to the "RF2" release. you need an XDV 75 to update if you want the latest, but most Line 6 repair shops offer this upgrade service as well. personally I like running the latest software in RF1, as it uses four carrier waves (rather than two for RF2) - the product specialists sometimes call this the "kill em all mode". Ilynnnathaniel - sounds like there may be an issue with your TBP12 pack, try a different pack to see if you have the same situation. All Relay or XDV TPB6 & 12 transmitters are interchangeable (assuming you have recent software). I suspect that the battery door may be coming slightly ajar when you move, which is powering the unit off - but please confirm with another transmitter. if you purchased the unit new you should connect with your Line 6 distributor to look into a warranty repair.
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