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  1. refagaem

    WTF USB stomp

    Yes it happened to me and i think it's a well known issue, so Line 6 take the repair under garanty
  2. Hi, i had the same issue and Line 6 take it under warantee, it seems that's a known issue... There's no need to be negligent to break it , i own many devices wilth USB port, that's the first time it happens.
  3. Hi, it seems that it could be a little short to power the HX with only 1A using HX Edit at the same time, could it be an issue ? THX
  4. Hi, same issue here, ( From France) windows 10 1903 on PC I used HX stomp since i bought it with HX Edit without any issue for 6months, i did the necessary with Firmware 2.82 and everything was perfect till last week. I experiement no conection between HX Stomp and HX edit ( no device connected message), i tried to reload HX edit many times nothing! I'll also open a ticket and the answer was to press FS2 and FS3 switch and power on the Stomp.... The issue is evidently another thing but what? I report if something new happens. Sorry for my poor English.
  5. Hi, i 've the same issue ( 3%) without using Ext. amp button.. HX Stomp is in a loop of my PBC switcher and an Exp pedal Boss (EV 30) is connected to PBC, piloting (in Midi) any effects like wha , whammy, reverb etc.. i've regurlarly to re-calibrate the EV 30 in the PBC, so i'm also curious to know what's the issue wich is very boring specially with whammy. Thanks
  6. Many thanks for your input! l'll do my best to understand the path notions in the stomp, in fact i would like to use one preamp loop of PBC (mono ) before the input of my amp ( Victory V 40 Deluxe) for mod, disto, an others mono effects.. and if it's possible using a stereo loop of PBC in parallel, to delay, reverb with kill dry engaged, one path return to amp, the other to mixing desk I don't know if i'm clear, my english is very limited Thanks again! Hervé
  7. Hi , i just receive an HX stomp, and i'd like to integrate it in my PBC Mastermind in Pre mono and Post stereo , is there someone who tried this? Thanks
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