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  1. Well I've placed an order for a gigbag last week and it has an ETA of 2 weeks until a month. So I was kind of wondering, would it be healthy for the Helix in the room tempreature for that period of time.
  2. ohhh okaay. and it has been a week since i bought the helix lt and i haven't bought a gigbag. will it be fine if its in a room tempreature, lets say about 22-25 degree celcius??
  3. I've bought the line 6 helix LT second hand. I think its not the original power cable, instead they gave me a 10A 250V power cable, will it be healthy for the helix? or should I search for another power cable that's just 240V?? Because the helix LT Power Requierements are from 100-240V
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