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  1. Hi Guys, I didn't expect any more discussion on this topic but it's interesting to hear other people's takes on the Stomp. Despite my first comments on this topic I still think this is one of the best things Line6 have come up with to date. I never use it in the way this last discussion suggests (aux in for practice, etc). While here I thought I'd demonstrate the Stomp's place in my 'baby' board. Along with the TC-H Play Electric, the Stomp gives me everything I need on a 1 Preset = 1 Song basis (using Snapshots). I use an acoustic guitar through this set-up direct to PA. The Wah is just a wah for now (see posts on DMC MIDI box above), on the lower rung of the board the 2-way switch is Stomp Page < and Page > and the 3-way is for vocals. The Jamman and assocaiated 3-way switch is just a bonus. Haven't started using it yet!
  2. I’ve answered my own question: No! Lol Function is Exp/FS, so when it’s set to FS, you can’t access Exp! Doh! However, I think I misunderstood Phil_M’s suggestion of the DMC MIDI pedal. Presumably one could attach an expression pedal to the DMC and output MIDI info from the DMC to the Stomp to control Exp1 parameters? If so, would this necessarily attach only to the 5-pin MIDI in Din on the side of the Stomp, or could it attach to the USB port on the back as well? Thanks again, Andy
  3. Hi again guys, I have a question: Got my ‘baby’ board set up for vocal and guitar with the Stomp at its heart for the guitar FX (photo). As mentioned in a previous topic, I have FS4 & 5 acting as Page < and Page > (the two-button switcher under the Stomp). Everything is working fine. I have a dedicated Wah effect working separately from the Stomp. Question is about whether there’s a way to utilise FS4/5 when needed AND Exp1 (to access wahs, whammys, etc). Previously, Phil_M helpfully suggested a DMC MIDI pedal through which Exp1 could be accessed. I could go down that route if necessary. My question is - could a simple, bespoke, single button A/B switcher with TRS output allow switching between the stereo signal from FS4/5 and a mono (tip) signal from an expression pedal for Exp1 function? Cheers, Andy
  4. Yes, it takes a little mind-set-alteration moving from stomp-box style (one button = one effect) to presets/snapshots, but the latter makes all the difference to me. Always using left to right sequential switching means it doesn’t matter if the change is only turning one pedal on/off, or whether it’s changing lots of parameters in one go. It can be done using external MIDI macro (multi) messages (see phil’s msg and my reply above) or snapshots (basically on-board MIDI macro messages). All the prep is done beforehand so there’s no thinking involved while performing the song (except knowing when the next change needs to occur - I don’t yet have a guitar & FX tech to do this for me!). Incidentally, I use the vocal FX (Helicon) in the opposite way, i.e. one button = one function, because I’m nearly always using momentary switching for harmonies etc, rapidly bringing them in and out instead of having them on constantly (as with any FX, less is always more). Obviously, we could use computers and click tracks to automate every change, and play every part, then we could prepare some life-size cardboard cut-outs of ourselves and never actually need to take to the stage!
  5. Thanks Phil, I’ve never seen anything so compact that does MIDI Macros! I use them on the Soleman (Source Audio) in my bigger rig (controlling H&K TM36, Nemesis, PitchFactor, NovaDrive, G-Major II), but I’ll definitely look into these.
  6. Njglover, thanks and yep, I wasn’t really criticising, I think this is a great machine. I’ve been on the phone today with my local store to reserve the first one they get in! For me, the footprint of my rig(s) is paramount (the smaller the better), hence I wouldn’t be interested in the FB1010 (or any of the larger Helixes, for that matter - the Stomp is perfect). A MIDI Mouse would sort out Preset selection on my small rig and I use a Soleman for my larger rig. It just seems to me an easy fix to make available onboard the e.g. Preset/Snapshot toggle and other already available functions for e.g. FS4 - the next firmware update could see to that. The replies underline how differently everyone uses these things! For me, just having ‘more’ switches is counterproductive. It’s about doing more effective switching with less switches. Every time you have to think about which pedal to press mid-song, it detracts from the performance, however minimally (I am playing and singing, switching vocal harmonies as well as guitar sounds). For every song I just want to know I can go: initial set-up (Preset selection) > Snapshot 1 > 2 > 3 (and if necessary) Next Preset > SS1 > 2 > 3 etc. Minimal thinking = maximum performance. Cheers guys.
  7. phil_m, thanks, I am aware that you can use FS4 and FS5 in that way. That is exactly the way I will set it up when using an external wah pedal. My suggestion, one example of which might be a toggle function between say Preset and Snapshot modes would free up one switch for an expression pedal to control wahs and lots of other parameters from within the HX Stomp. DunedInDragon, of course not! Yes, the extra pedal port might have pushed the machine too close to the LT. Only Line 6 can confirm if this was a strategic decision. My suggestions, however, I'm thinking could easily be realised: either a dedicated switching box or some minor modifications to software (these functions are already in the machine, just not available to FS4/5). How you managed to read my post in that way is beyond me, but thanks for your input.
  8. Hi Guys, very impressed with the HX Stomp! Most definitely will be buying one when it hits the stores here in Surrey, UK. One ‘gripe’ (hardware) and two suggestions (hardware & software). The suggestions follow on from the gripe! It’s all about what I think is the most important element of any such unit (apart from the sounds, of course!): the ease with which to switch complicated sounds during a gig. Ext Pedal port: shame only 1 port included. Frustrating not to be able to have at least 1 EXP plus FS4 & FS5 for e.g. up/down toggling of presets, side to side shifting of pages, etc to get instant access to multiple presets and snapshots on the fly. Two ports would have made the machine phenomenal and there might have been space to shift the USB to the MIDI side to allow for a second Ext port on the back? (but doing so would have taken it too close to the LT?) ;-) Obvs there are workarounds: a) external MIDI controller for preset selection, b) external Wah plus FS4 and FS5, but it would have been nice to have it all on the HX internally as standard. Hardware suggestion: with one TRS port, I can do 6 customisable things with my Switch 6 on my Helicon devices. Could Line 6 produce a dedicated switching box to enable a greater number of switching possibilities? Software suggestion: in the four Play View Modes, there are various functions that are activated by pressing two buttons together (FS1+FS2, FS2+FS3), but these don’t seem to appear as functions that could be assigned to FS4/FS5. I hate trying to press two pedals together in a gig and I’m sure most people would agree. Would it not be possible to allow a single press of either FS4 or FS5 to access these extra functions, e.g. toggling between Preset and Snapshot, queueing next/previous Presets, etc? Would this not allow almost instant access to 9+ sounds on the fly? More than enough for nearly any song, I grant you, but very useful! Reply from Line 6 Techs gratefully received. Thanks a lot, Andy
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