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  1. The funny part is: When I use the headphone into HX Stomp, the sound is great. When I send the signal to my Garageband via HX Stomp's USB, I get a woofy and muddy sound. When I use the headphone in my mixer (QSC Touchmix 8), the sound get too bright! I get a lot confused. Hahahahahahahaha! I can manage to get the sound good in any way. But I need to change heavily the Eq, depending where I'm listening.
  2. Yes! I'm using the HX Stomp. I'm plugging the HX Stomp with USB into my Macbook, and then using the Garageband for recording.
  3. I have dialled in a great sounding acoustic patch. Hearing with my headphones, it sounds GREAT! Then, I put everything to record in my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlet Solo), using Garageband as my DAW, and the sound was completely different! It was lifeless, dull, muddy. Do you guys know what could it be? Thank you!
  4. Hi there, Rayray6! I got the feedback in my ticket, and it was exactly the same suggestion. BUT, after I reduced the gain in a lot of the effects, it is working more than before. I know it is not ideal, but it's getting better. Today, for example, I managed to play for more than 2 hours straight, and it doesn't stopped. I hope it don't stop again! Good luck, my friend! To both of us! Hahahahha
  5. Yes! It is the latest firmware. I will try to reinstall everything tonight. Thank you, Phil!
  6. I got a HX Stomp from Amazon, and it works sometimes, then it stops. Not the Stomp, itself (everything seems to work, it don't freezes or shuts down), but the signal stops. Its dead quiet. It even the Tuner don't detect anything. Everything is plugged right, and everything is updated. It's a brand new unit (as far as I know), that I got from Amazon... but I'm from Brazil! I asked my mother in law to bring it to me from the US, in a little vacation she had over there. And now I'm really frustrated, because I could create a preset (and it made my acoustic guitar sounds like heaven), then it stopped. It's intermittent. Sometimes it's ok, then it don't. Hahahahha. I have already used that stuff of turn it on holding the buttons 2 and 3, the 1, 2 and 3... everything that I see online. Other thing that I noticed is that the Stomp, when it stops working, makes even the videos I'm watching in youtube freezes! That's crazy! But it only happens when it is plugged in the USB por of my macbook air. The problem happens with or without the USB connection. Do you guys know what could it be? I've created a ticket, and I'm waiting to the Line 6 folks to answer me. I'm scared of the unit be damaged, in someway, and I have to send it to the USA to have a new one... this process would take me about 3 months (1 to go, and 2 to come a new one, if I'm lucky). And sorry if this is not the right place to talk about this. I'm new in the forum, and I'm kind of lost. Sorry for my bad english, too!
  7. I am having the SAME problem. I didn't even could create my preset. I just updated everything, and was so excited to test my new pedal, and it never had any sound. Until now! I just could have a sound for a while. I was creating my first preset, put my acoustic IR, my global EQ, my mic preamp... and when I was adjusting the compressor, it stopped again. No sound. I don't know what to do! If there's a problem with the unit itself, I'm screwed, because I live in Brazil, and it was imported... with a huge cost for me. I created a ticket about a day ago. I'm waiting for an answer. As soon as they talk to me I'll update you guys!
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