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  1. on topic i think, I just bought a "Gator Cases G-MULTIFX-2411 24-inch x 11-inch Effects Pedal Bag" from amazon for like $70 canadian, less in the USA no doubt. it fits my LT nearly perfectly. about 2 inches on the side. cheap, nice quality. totaly think it was the best deal for a helix lt (or helix regular I think) bag.
  2. Maybe, since what you uploaded sounds like it has 2 or 3 effects that cause delays and echos... could you please save a version of the patch without the octave fuzz, hall verb, and whatever else was diagnosed as a culprit by the helpful people in this thread, and upload it again? If, in fact, you can still hear the effect with the patch like that. cuz you said it happens without that stuff in there... so take the stuff out and try again. Cuz that's quite a bit of help you got already, which is free from a very cool user. Maybe that awesome person will help one last time if you send the dryest patch you got that still, to your ears, has some kind of echo going on. but from my experience (limited LoL), i think maybe it is from something else outside of your patch. like maybe you have something routed wrong? like i had mine connected to my computer with usb, and sound was coming out in real time and also like with a little echo, and it turns out it was the way i had the settings on the pc wiht driver delay or something.
  3. Actually besides the wah pedal problem, this patch "STRAT+HOLD DBK" is my number one fav now. not the one from youtube earlier in thread. The one from donkelly. You are wrong, donkelly, it works great, maybe best, if you enable the effect, then without playing anything, turn on record mode, hit your chord, let it sing for a couple seconds, and then turn off record. It's like completely smooth then just like the EHX FREEZE! I used a friends freeze pedal and showed him this patch and he says its a perfect copy. I am gunna try to fix the wah thing myself cuz i guess the guy who made this patch is busy. its gota be that the built in expresion pedal somehow is set to trigger the record mode or hwatever by accident.
  4. Different effect completely. Check youtube examples of the EHX Freeze
  5. did not know bout helixhelp. bookmarked and will start reading. noob here. thanks for the effort to help people like me!
  6. i'm gunna try and figure how to make volume pedal do delay level for swells editing thispost... k making pedals do what i want is beyond me still. its my first try. but it is real great how it is anyhow editing again... it isnt me. the patch has the wah pedal messing up the delay record path thing. donkelley can you fix the wah pedal please? try using wah when playin over top of freeze thing, it records to the freeze.
  7. wow man I love it - downloaded and it works! but both the amps sound awful on my guitar so i changed them. then it was like magic.. thank you
  8. Cool. He failed to actually do the swell and sustain with decent level - he should have retried it to show what he was trying to do. I tried that patch and it actually was pretty simple to do even with built in controller setting the feedback....
  9. Ah. THIS explains why I sound like a wounded moose when I practice! So, all I need is a great band and amazing recording engineer and mastering engineer, and I'll sound as good as my favorite tracks? LoLz kidding, kidding.
  10. I thought this update was just something you get free for the hardware you already own? a bigger screen could be the bestest download ever!
  11. I saw a very simple difference in the points he was contributing as guesswork in 2nd paragraph to the facts about how it works in the last paragraph. Seemed really clear and interesting to me.
  12. I searched and found a thread that has a suggestion you could try! I want to try it myself, actually...
  13. yea, exactly. I am just not understanding it i guess. So... you change the amp settings. In the amp model. why do they say to "add a eq with parametric curve" blah blah in the cab or after/before the cab? The amp model should do that, if you set the tone controls like they suggested. i am coming at this new to the helix, but this seems kinda wrong, right? Hahaha, if you know what i mean. that company should say to set your amp model like they suggested. i guess maybe they are saying that you do not have to use a tube amp model, instead you can mimick it with the eq thing? but the guy in this thread who was asking about the tone of the IR product is, presumably, using it with amp models... and thinking it should sound like a cab with his amp models and not need a eq stage to mimick the amp model with the right tone control settings. i must be missing something. keep in mind this is totally new to me. please, thanks, sorry for not understanding?
  14. But if someone does that with the tube amp that is modeled in the helix, won't it have that slight mid scoop already? I'm not the thread guy but I do not understand why we should have to eq to simulate a tube amp if we are already simulating a tube amp. I guess though that maybe the OP could try setting the presence and depth to 0 to get that particular tube amp scoop tone and see if he likes it. Strange suggestion from the ownhamer company I think though, right? I hope the helix already does this stuff already if it is modeling the tube power amp. sorta strange too - they said the tube power amp presence and depth - do tube power amps have presence and depth controls? I thought only preamps have controls like that. I totally am learning it all myself here right now. I just do not understand why they would suggest that. seems wrong somehow LoL
  15. At first when I read qwerty42's reply, which shows only a bit of the content in the paste, it seemed not relevant (inputs). But I clicked it, and found what he was talking about: " Helix Floor/Rack/LT Inputs Guitar in: Auto impedance unbalanced TS, the impedance will be determined by the first block in the signal chain. (This is a setting that can be adjusted in Global Settings) Aux In: 10k ohm unbalanced TS Returns: 1Meg unbalanced TS (instrument mode)/10K unbalanced TS (line mode) Outputs L and R Main Out: Impedance-balanced TRS Sends: Impedance-balanced TRS Dry (Helix Rack only): Impedance-balanced TRS " So which is it? LoL. The manual says TS and the above quote says TRS for same output I think. I wanna know too cuz im using a power pa speaker that has trs inputs but can use ts inputs and right now at home I am using just a guitar cord for helix out to pa input. maybe i too should be using trs? once i get to real playing with my group again post-covid I really wanna be prepared with correct setup.
  16. Gizmology Class of 2020 and continuing!
  17. oh, ok. I was on the right track if not for the electronic gizmology details ;-)
  18. Silly question, but what does it look like inside where the LEDs are mounted? ARE they some fancy ring things? Or are they multicolor normal type LEDs that diffuse wiht a round plastic ring? Cuz if they arent rare parts, maybe a upgrade is possible? Just tossing a WAG out there.
  19. That's kind of the whole point, isn't it? the Miked tone of the cab SHOULD be different for each different mic, and if you choose a ribbon then it's super dark just like the real thing, if you choose a large condensor then it has a huge peak in the 6kHz to 10kHz range, and if you choose a Dynamic it's more middy with a peak around 6kHz and misses some of the high highs. That's how it sounds to me, and that matches what I found when googling about each of the mics in question. I think IR files might be interesting to try - I haven't tried them myself yet. Seems most reviewers find that is the best way to level the helix, axefx and kemper, so maybe the cabs that come with the helix products are kind of different from the ones that come with those other companies devices? I am just guessing.
  20. This is an upgrade that will work on the helix lt? It's the same for helix and helix LT? Sorry for noob confirming things. Want to know if I should be excited about this - I think I should! :-)
  21. Dogaral


    oh cool this has a looper ? learn something new every time I come here
  22. oh cool! I'm a bassist too - and am trying to figure out what to use as a powered speaker for this. So far I have a behringer b112d I think it is - the "1000 watt", which I was told is actually more like a couple hundred watts continuous - as a speaker. Honestly, it cost me $100 used and sounds incredible for both bass and guitar, but I am only using it at home so far. My concern isn't so much sound quality - because I can eq I think to compensate for the speaker, I hope - but I'm more concerned about how bass will work with this up loud enough for rehearsing (without bass in PA) and gigging (with bass in pa also). But I think that's another thread topic :-) Anyhow - glad I'm not the only guy using it for bass and guitar! Wishlist for helix II though - hm.... keep up with everything the helix LT can do. I bought mine instead of either a kemper or axe fm3 because it seemed like a better device as a bassist than the axe (far more bass centric stomps/amps/cabs), and I don't think I'd like to use the kemper daily because it's flow seems less fun for the way I like to do things. So far - it's faaaaaar exceeded my expectations. But yea I've used other older /cheaper modelers for years and real amps and they all can get you there, just the helix blows them all away.
  23. For my daw stuff, I also when into the usb driver settings for sleep or power or something (under advanced tab for the driver) and turned off the automatic sleep mode, etc. As per some article I came across - on my laptops, that made a huge difference. Not sure it's relevant for a desktop. Also things like virus scanners are the DAW's Kryptonite - watch out for that stuff. Some people apparently go offline while recording/mixing and turn off the virus checker too, then turn on virus checker and go online at other times to keep up to date (or use another computer completely for online use). I just keep my pc with as few unnecessary services running as possible... seems to work well like that, even with chipsets that are known to not always be great for DAW use. (that's cuz a dell laptop I have is on like a daw's most hated list or something LoL... but it still worked really well once I got background stuff to stop running and the usb power to stay on performance all the time). I did use asio4all for years for my asio needs, and it was always really really great (just used it to get low latency out of stock sound chip - no idea what else it would be good or bad for?). But I'm new to the helix, so haven't even checked into which driver the helix is using... I'll have to check that too so I don't run into this same problem!
  24. I like that! So we should be able to appreciate and keep using happily what we have now for as long as we want to (assuming it keeps working), for years and years and years, I suppose. I really like that attitude. thanks
  25. Hi first post! This thread is scaring me a bit. I just bought a Helix LT - seems absolutely amazing and deep and I'm only just starting with it now. It isn't obsolete, is it?
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