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  1. StaccoP2P

    Helix 3.15

    You've expressed it beautifully. The "out-there" anti blues lawyer effects and the possibility of routing and combining them in myriad ways is what puts Helix above any other modellers, or even standalone pedals. To me Line 6 are a bit like EHX. Big, well distributed and not "boutique" per se... But when when you turn the knobs to the end of the range, magic weird wonderful and risky things happen. The poly update made me get an HX FX to complement the Helix and run complex DSP heavy chains. From a sound design standpoint it's unparalleled, not just for guitar, but through Native for vocals, synths, whatever, it's amazing. Yes, I'd be happy to see more amps (Bass and Stoner/Sludge) but it's the possibility of new Line6 Originals that keeps me on the edge of my seat (Please make a better EHX HOG/POG), I think that the amp and analog effect department is pretty well furnished already,
  2. Within the Helix itself, I can tell you that some prepamps (Cartographer, the Victoria) sounds stellar into high headroom amps, such as the Twin or Hiwatt (and, w snapshots you can get a massive amount of tones between preamp and amp). I hadn't tried this with the Marshall pres, but now you've made me curious. As mentioned, the kinky Boost (or even two of them in series) are also great for juicing up things) and you can Def cop some Marshall-type sounds with the Teemah.
  3. Lovely work! If you share the source files, perhaps folks can add in Ben Vesco DSP usage calculations.
  4. @zappazapper What was the problem? Phase cancellation, weird feel?
  5. Great explanation, thanks! So I guess the number of digital pedals chained together will affect this, unless they have analogue dry thru, yeah? (And, if they have that'd get cancelled at 100%, correct?. Yes I know about Steve's problems with the Axe and conversion to Synergy, it's what you get when living in the fast and Zen lane!
  6. How much of a problem is this latency? I mean, this would apply to any digital pedal that has to do DA/AD conversion, right? I have a Helix and an HX Effects. I started having the FX in one of the loops of the Helix, but then liked them in series a whole lot more. Not sure if it was due to the latency issue you mention. Not doubting your take, but I'm interested in other opinions about outboard loop latency with digital boxes. Thanks.
  7. For simplification's sake: Say I want to run a pedal with mono ins and stereo outs in one of the loops. I could also add additional effects in dual mono after these stereo outs. This loop would come after stereo blocks in the Helix, and I don't want to collapse these to mono. Here are my questions: Is there any particular benefit to using 2 blocks (1 mono send + stereo returns)? I know these can be separated, creating a parallel chain, but apart from that...? Should I just insert a Stereo Loop block (say Loop 1/2)? Is there a problem not cabling loop send 2 in the above scenario as it's a mono input? (I could always cable it to a pedal later in the loop which has stereo ins).
  8. Hahah, no hopes, but a nice thought and, perhaps, worth ideascaling! I mean, it's got be faster/easier and cheap than modelling something from the ground up, right?
  9. Just seen this article on the Line 6 blog: Allan Holdsworth’s Baby – The Story of the Yamaha UD-Stomp Delay Pedal. Now, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to grok that they be no IP problem with straight porting/translation UD-Stomp algorithms to Helix. Interesting! (Great article BTW)
  10. Hello again! Has anyone pulled this off successfully? Poly pitch and capo are not doing it for me, so me maybe some Mono OC3-style goodness will do the trick. I'm still highly curious to see whether there's a preset for this. Like many I'm forced to record on my own now and I'd much rather fake bass parts playing the guitar than the keyboard.
  11. Totally. I'm not a coder, but I work in and around FLOSS and can see how this woul drssult in a massive qualitative jump. Yeah, it's pretty bad UX and would seem to be a simple fix, so I'm baffled at why they haven't implemented it.
  12. This is on my to-do list. I need to Helix to change channels (along with either snapshot of preset changes) on my beloved, late nineties Nomad 55. The Nomad's footswitch connects over a DIN 7 cable. As I haven't found any TRS>DIN 7 connectors I guess I'll patch up my own. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of channel switching from H-Floor? Any tips or considerations I should be taking into account?
  13. Yeah, thanks! I cross-posted in r/helix, got concordant answers and have proceeded to order HX Effects. Thank you @rd2rk
  14. I'm sure here's made a script that does it for him. If not, he's a charitable, kind and patient soul. On that topic, I also updated before updating Edit, felt that something was wrong "with me", got anxious etc.... Came to the forum and saw the 300 threads panicking about the same problem. Now I see people who help and people who chastise over posts just will dissappear over a few weeks. So I really appreciate when people are patient enough with those who MAY NOT be forum regulars and arrive here understandably nervous. Yes there is a search function but, by the same token the UX for the update process could be improved. Likes, as this is such a recurring problem and given the numner of 3.0 updates these weeks, why isn't Line 6 putting that black retangle WARNING of theirs to clarify about the Edit 1st, Helix 2nd order of biz? TL;DR thanks @phil_m
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