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  1. I nearly got caught out by that too - so used to socket layout going top to bottom seeing it going side to side was a bit of a surprise! Mike
  2. mykejb

    Helix + H9

    I have the H9 running in the FX loop as a serial effect and let the H9 control the wet/dry mix. MIDI control is pretty good, use program change to set the effects and you can program pretty much everything else to respond to a CC message Mike
  3. I'm a dev too - started with Data General stuff using real core memory, none of this new-fangled semiconductor stuff. 4k of memory is quite enough for most things! As is walking uphill both ways to school in the snow. But I agree, I think the helix is likely to be bought by more tech-literate people. I know guitarists who take one look at the knobs and displays and think it's going to too complicated. Then they go back to a pedalboard with pedals all over the place just to fit them all on the board, which I'd find more confusing than the Helix. Just depends on what you're used to of course! Mike
  4. Thanks - always good to know there's a fallback if any of the electronics dies. Not that I'm expecting problems but you never know! Mike
  5. Just wondering, on the JTV series are the mag pickups independent of the electronics? ie, do they have a direct path from the mags to the 1/4 socket or are the mags dependent on the Variax electronics. I know there's only the single volume and tone knobs but not sure if they're concentric pots so they control the mags and variax signals independently or whether the mags are mixed on the main board. Mike
  6. I've seen various threads about build quality on the Variax being "questionable" at times, and it's a case if "they're great if you get a good one". I'm talking about the affordable Variaxes, not the USA built ones here. Having said that, I have a 700 from years ago that's still working fine and there was a lot of talk of those being a bit flakey. Is build quality still an issue at all, or are most perfectly ok now with the odd rogue one that slips through QC same as with any other product. I'm thinking of getting the 59 if that makes a difference Mike
  7. Is there space on the JTV 59 to add a GK pickup between the bridge and the pickup? It looks like there is but I'd like to be sure. Also, if anyone has done this did you use the "sticky pad" mounting method or does the tune-o-matic adapter fit on the JTV ? Mike
  8. I did it the old-school way. The output of the Helix runs into a Boss FV-500L before it hits the amp. That way it controls the volume not the tone, plus it doesn't involve tweaking all the presets to put a volume block at the end. I set the minimum volume to a sensible level so I don't inadvertently kill the guitar. Mike
  9. The "common ground" problem is why I had to use an isolated relay switcher. The GR-20 pedals don't share a common ground so a standard switch wouldn't work. Even the Boss FS-6 units have common ground so they weren't suitable. The Voodoo Lab box was a perfect solution though, and I have a couple of outputs spare for when I want to switch something else Mike
  10. I used a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher for switching of remote stuff. It has four fully isolated switches and is controlled either by program change to set all four at once or you can change the switches individually using CC messages. At the minute I'm using it to control the footswitches of a GR-20 and it works perfectly Mike
  11. I have one of those too. It's invaluable for doing odd things - my current favourite is using it to simulate a non-latching CC toggle' from a footswitch on the Helix It's also great for doing SysEx stuff, with another rig I used it to turn Guitar-to-MIDI on/off on a VG99 from a footswitch. The other thing I added for the Helix is a Voodoo Lab control switcher to give four isolated on/off switches. Much better than the inbuilt amp control Mike
  12. I run a GR-20 into the Aux input for synth sounds on some patches. Generally I run it into a gain block (for on/off switching) then a JC120 amp/cab and reverb, seems to work pretty well.
  13. Nice idea. It's a real shame the control switching wasn't done with isolated relays, that would have solved a lot of problems for me. I needed relay switching to control a GR-20 guitar synth and ended up going to a Voodoo Labs control switcher. Mike
  14. You can just leave it in stomp box mode. When you hit bank up/down it shows the patch names and reverts to stomp box mode when you select one. This might need the latest firmware, the first thing I did when I got mine was update the firmware so not sure what version it was introduced Mike
  15. I agree totally here - buy stuff for what it does at the time you hand over your money. Or credit card. The only exception to this would be if a product has a well defined public product roadmap, then I guess it's ok to want what was promised. Other than that, you get what you pay for! Mike
  16. Fortunately I've got one of the boxes already as I needed to send SysEx messages to a VG99 from a keyboard that didn't support SysEx. So far I've not needed to clock-sync anything from the Helix, but I'd like to see the looper controls quantized to beat boundaries Mike
  17. I'm not bending pitch on the Helix - I need the pitch bend to control the pitch bend on a Roland GR-20. My rig is a Godin LGXT (or GK'd Strat) running into the Helix via a G70 for the mags, and also via a 13-pin GK cable into a GR-20/VG99. Both of these are located at the back of the stage controlled from the Helix via MIDI. They feed back into the Helix via the Aux and S/PDIF inputs and everything is mixed/switched on the Helix. Mike
  18. I need the pitch bend specifically as it's to control the pitch bend on a Roland GR-20. I'm putting the GR at the back of the stage to reduce clutter up front and I want to use the Helix as a "control everything" box. I'm getting around the problem using one of these - http://www.midisolutions.com/prodepp.htm, which is an awesome bit of kit for translating MIDI messages. I'll program it to change a CC on an unused MIDI channel to a pitch bend on the GR-20 channel which solves the problem. It'd just be nice if the Helix could send the messages directly. I'm using the same box to convert note on/off messages from a Helix footswitch to CC messages to simulate a momentary MIDI CC switch which is also missing. Mike
  19. I'd disagree ... from the advertising blurb ... POWERFUL MASTER CONTROLLER When you need to incorporate external devices via MIDI, Helix offers more flexibility than any multi-effect ever. In addition to powerful real time MIDI control, Helix can send up to six separate commands at patch recall that aren’t assigned to a footswitch, which means you can change a patch on a synth, start a sequencer, and turn up a fader on an external digital mixer, all with one press of a footswitch. Add two additional expression pedal inputs, CV/Expression out, and external amp switching, and Helix can be the command center for any size rig. Kinda implies that the Helix IS intended as a MIDI controller. The pedals/buttons can already send MIDI CC, CC Toggle, Bank/Prog change, Note On/Off and MMC. It's just that Pitch Bend seems to have been forgotten. I'm not expecting note generation from the guitar - as you rightly said that needs note to MIDI conversion and there are plenty of products that do that pretty well already (Roland VG, GR etc, plus the Axon converters). I want pitch bend so I can duplicate the Hold/Glide/Exp pedals on a GR-20 on the Helix. I can do it with a MIDI protocol converter but it still seems like a missing feature from the Helix. Also, there's no computer/DAW or anything like that involved as this is for stage use. I'm using the good old 5-PIN connectors! Mike
  20. Another "where do I find this" question ... there doesn't seem to be any way of sending pitch bend messages from a switch/pedal. I'd have thought that this was pretty basic MIDI functionality ? Mike
  21. I'm sure I'm missing something here... at least I hope I am!!! I want to use a footswitch as a MIDI 'hold' pedal, so it needs to send a CC of 127 when down and 0 when released. If I use the "CC Toggle" function I can make this happen so it sends 127 when pressed then 0 when pressed again but I can't find a non-latching option. If I use the "MIDI CC" function it sends a set value when pressed but there's no option for a value to be sent on release. I'd have thought pedal emulation with a non-latching toggle would be pretty standard? I've tried using footswitch assign to change the functionality to momentary but that doesn't affect the MIDI out. Mike
  22. I was thinking about using a simple DI box like the Samson, I can use the phantom to power it so in theory as long as I keep the signal level reasonable it should be ok. Mike
  23. Is it possible to set the headphone output to mono? I use phones at night so I don't disturb the family but when I'm using the Helix live it'll be in mono so I want to hear more like what I'll get through the speaker rather than all the nice ping-pongy echos, chorus, phaser etc Mike
  24. Is there any reason the mic input can't be used as an additional input from an instrument? I want to run a GR-20, VG-99 and guitar into the Helix, and if I can do it while leaving the four send/return inputs available that'd be ideal. I was thinking about using an XLR pad with phantom passthru like the Shure A15AS to drop the signal level if necessary. I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work but thought I'd ask in case anyone has tried it and found it doesn't work too well Mike
  25. Does the Helix work with the Variax 700 electric to provide power, model switching etc? Mike
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