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  1. I've never actually played one of these but the demos sound pretty cool. It's not just another high gain monster (we've already got loads of those) but appears to sound pretty sweet with some gain available if required. I don't know if this has already been requested but nothing shows up when I search. How about it??
  2. Updated my LT to 2.91 but now the tuner doesn't work properly. It responds to my guitar but is wildly inaccurate. Has anyone else found this or it it just me? If I use the tuner all strings are very sharp to some extent and they seem to get sharper as the strings get higher (Low E ends up as F, A ends up as a B, D as an F etc etc. Is this a bug or do I just need to re-update please? Thanks
  3. My update went fine but just a couple of issues which are probably already logged but just to make sure: I use wah quite a lot on my LT. In a patch EXP 2 is default and controls volume. When I press the toe switch it turns on the wah and changes to EXP 1. I could previously just hit a snapshot button to go back to EXP 2 /Volume but now it turns wah off but stays on EXP 1 which now is assigned to nothing. If I press the toe switch again it changes to EXP 2 but controls both volume and wah at the same time. Can anyone confirm that this is already logged and will be fixed (hopefully in 2.81) Also whenever I switch power on my Helix rebuilds all the presets and loses all the global settings if it is connected via USB. I'm sure the same thing happened with 2.7 for a while but just stopped happening. I hope it stops on 2.8 because that would be disastrous at a gig! Loving the new stuff though. Thanks Line 6 for such a great update at such a good cost!!!
  4. Thanks anyway. Shame Line 6 can't supply parts for the guitar. I guess I'll either have to put up with it or move it on or strip it down and try and fix it. As I've got 3 Variaxes it's not really worth the effort.
  5. So are the switches available and, if so, what is the part number. In the past I have purchased stuff from Full Compass and a relation of mine, who lives in the US, has received it and sent it on to me. I must say that the help I have got here in the UK has been of the ' just send it to us and we'll fix it' type. I appreciate that a Variax is a complex thing but I'm a trained computer engineer and I believe that I can change a simple switch without too many problems - if only I could find out what part I need to buy. Thanks anyway for the info.
  6. I have had my Variax Standard for a few years now and the 5 way selector switch has always been a bit noisy when using the mags. Not a real problem but just a hint of a bad connection. I have used contact cleaner in the past and that improves things for a while but it's starting to annoy me now! I've looked on Full Compass but can't find the switch there. Does anyone know the part number and whether its as simple a job as it sounds to change it? By the way I'm in the UK Many Thanks
  7. Yes - I might take mine off if breaking strings becomes a thing (I think I broke a top E string in about 2000 but can't remember breaking one since so I hope it won't be an issue for me. It clearly WAS an issue for the previous owner though). In the 70's I used to use 6's (from Cardiff Music Strings)and broke strings all the time (no surprise there, then)!!
  8. I think we've wandered a bit from the point of my original post! Encouraging though as it seems that it would be possible to do as the JTV69 and Standard are able to be powered via their TRS jacks - Perhaps a facility of HX2!
  9. The guitar has been regularly touring the world since it was new with a world famous performer and, I guess, has had lots of string breaks over the years. I rarely break strings (famous last words) so I'm hoping it won't be a problem for me. Just in case I've filled the hole with a thin, very flexible, gasket which won't stop the wires moving with the tremelo but shouldn't let string ends pass through from the trem cavity into the electronics.
  10. Interesting. I just thought it would make the HX much more useful. I know the newer Variaxes have TRS connectors because I've just changed one this morning on my JTV69. But I don't know if it could provide power to the guitar.
  11. So my JTV and standard can no longer be powered via a TRS jack and power unit like my old 500/600 could be?
  12. As a quick update I have now got the guitar and changed the Input Jack plate which has solved the problem (as far as I can tell so far!). When I stripped down the guitar I found almost a dozen string ball ends in various parts of the electronics and I think it's fortunate that no real damage seems to have been done. I got the new part from Fullcompass via a pal who lives in the USA but, when I thought it had got lost, I got absolutely no response from them. Fortunately it turned up a week or so later. It was an quick and easy job to replace the part on my JTV69 and everything seems fine now.
  13. I gather the HX doesn't support Variax but is the input jack TRS? And, if so, is it capable of at least powering a variax instead of having to use either the battery or one of those in-line power units (which always seem to get lost!)? I normally use my Variaxes with my Helix but it would be nice to be able to use this with my real amps sometimes.
  14. Thanks to all for the info. I've decided to make a lower offer for the guitar (as it's a very nice guitar even without all the clever bits!) and not worry about a fix unless I get to own it. Thanks again
  15. Yes, it does seem as though it might be a problem with the CAT5 connector on the guitar. I have 4 VDI cables and they all seem to be the same. I've emailed Milton Keynes for some info. Do you know if there is a fixed price for out-of-warranty repairs or a fixed price to diagnose the problem as I'm considering what sort of offer to make for the faulty guitar? Many thanks
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