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  1. Oh, and as a second data point, my nVidia Shield Android TV box behaves the same. Helix no, Zoom yes.
  2. I'd assume that it won't work. My Samsung Tab S7 (Android 12) does not recognise my Helix in any way over usb. It does however work with my Zoom G3X which is only 2 channels over usb. Don't ever assume that any audio interface will work with android, seek definitive proof before spending any money.
  3. I noticed this maybe two years ago. It's such an egregious problem that it took until yesterday for someone else to notice.
  4. That possibly comes across as a bit abrupt. The reason I don't care is that it's only something you ever see if you're in snap/stomp mode and signal chain view and are just about to change presets.
  5. No, because I don't care about it. It doesn't affect my daily use of the LT in any way.
  6. It's persisted through multiple firmware updates and factory resets and is 100% reliable. I don't actually remember it not doing that. I've just had a look again. Basically the four stomp areas that you see when switching presets in stomp/snap mode aren't updated when switching preset if you're in signal chain view. That includes at initial boot. If by some process they get changed from the initial 16A to what they should be (switching to performance view and back again) they'll be wrong again if you switch preset. They also aren't updated to reflect the actual bypass status of the stomps. See what I mean about trying to explain it? It quickly descends into a confusing mess.
  7. I've had this on my LT since forever I considered filing a bug report but found it too annoying to explain the various aspects of it so didn't bother. If the LT boots into signal chain view and SNAP/STOMP mode, pressing Bank up/down gives a row of 16As instead of the stomp labels. There are other aspects relating to the updating of the 4 stomp screen areas when in signal chain view but I can't remember them all. For me though, in performance view the stomp areas are updated correctly and that's what I use so it stopped bothering me.
  8. In addition to what's already been said, if you've got decent hifi or A/V equipment you can run the Helix through that and not buy studio monitors.
  9. Yes, it works for me. Sort of. I will elaborate. I have Windows 7 32bit running on a little mini PC in my living room that's being doing media server duty since forever. HX Edit works fine. The ASIO driver works fine until it doesn't and then a reboot is required. This may be because I only use it by Remote Desktop and that messes something up, or it may be something else peculiar to my machine - I really don't know. In summary, it will work unless or until it doesn't. I don't think that this is hugely different to what happens with any other version of Windows.
  10. There seems to be something a bit funky about path splits in the Helix UI. Select a split, press the joystick to open the menu then change the split type to something else. Now open the menu again - the previous split type is highlighted bold, not the current one. LT 2.92
  11. 2.92 Stress Test Trip Report My LT has been on for 36 hours on the same preset. Don't ask - I really like that preset. No sign of the meters, tuner or interface starting to lag like they did in 2.90 and 2.91 - no factory reset necessary for me. P.S. Revv Purple is awesome, but then again Revv Red was already awesome.
  12. Helix LT Firmware: 2.80.0 Global Settings: Preset mode switches: Snap/Stomp Snapshot Mode Switches: Auto Return   Helix LT can get stuck in Preset/Stomp mode when it's actually set to Snap/Stomp in Global Settings. 1. In performance view, press Mode to switch to Snap/Stomp view 2. Press FS1 / FS7 to switch to temporary Preset/Stomp view 3. Without selecting a preset, pressing any of the Stomp row switches at this point causes the Helix to get stuck in Preset/Stomp view 4. Selecting a preset now does not return to Snap/Stomp view. The Mode button will now toggle between Stomp & Preset/Stomp views 5. Pressing the Home button twice resets the problem.
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