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  1. I should echo support for the Helix Book as well. Craig’s book is loaded with great info that imo is the most concise out there.
  2. This is great advice. I use a Powercab+212 and had it wedge stye on the floor. My patches weren't terrible, but i definitely needed to dial down some highs.
  3. I am running Logic Pro X. I am not running it in Rosetta.
  4. I've been running MacOS Monterey for a few weeks now and haven't has any issues with HX Edit, Powercab Edit or Helix Native. I am running it on an M1 Mac Mini with 8g of RAM. Bear in mind, depending on the plugins you run and the complexities of the type of work your doing, your mileage may vary, but overall my experience has been solid.
  5. *DISREGARD* User error. Mod feel free to delete.
  6. Someone can gut check me here, but I think that was the purpose behind Guitar In Pad...for guitars with Hot Pickups or Active Pickups. You can turn that on/off in the Global Setting under In/Out.
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