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  1. Thanks for all the help. I didn't realise that's how real pedals worked, I can understand it not being a priority for Line 6 if that's the case. I have a song where there is a quiet bit with a gradual distorted feedback effect (100%) that goes insane to a drop point where the band comes back in. The problem is when we play the song twice in rehearsal . The feedback dial assignment should suffice.
  2. Still going when I turn it back on.
  3. I mostly use stomps on the top FS row and snapshots on bottom. When in stomps on both rows mode, the preset nav mode (initiated by Bank up/down), shows presets on both rows. This is what I want always. However when in stomp/snapshot mode the available presets only occupy 1 row when pressing bank up/down. Is this configurable?
  4. I was expecting any on going delay to be killed if I turn off/on the delay effect in question. However this is not the case. The only way I can kill it is zero the feedback for and arbitrary amount of time then restore it. Any better way of doing this? Note: this happens with trails on or off.
  5. This is now possible see page 57 of Owners manual Rev D
  6. I have just started seeing the dreaded ":-28" of death message. I have updated to 2.71 but when I turn off and on still stuck. I luckily was able to get it to boot once after playing with the LED light Fun mode and export my setlist because that would have been hours of work lost. I must have been so lucky because the light show trick no longer works. All other modes here work for 2/3 seconds in that I'll see a message confirming that I've booted in the different mode but then :-28 will appear top left. The moment the pedal went like this I think I may have pressed a pedal to change something and then I just got this constant high pitch tone. I couldn't even stop it with the volume nob. I had to power it off. Hasn't been right since.
  7. yes very happy that these files are json. The benefits are with batch editing, e.g. doing a search and replace on your whole set. Or I might have a vocal tone that is the same for every song but all my guitar fx differ, I can copy the vocal tone config and paste it to the other patches. I don't believe you can do that in the software editor.
  8. Hopefully more fx units are in the pipeline then as I only want one pedal onstage for setup speed etc.
  9. Hi I'm almost about to make the leap from a HD500X to a helix. I downloaded the demo Helix VST in order to start the task of moving over my patches. I had one on the HD500X which made good use of 2 filter pedals - Synth - o - matic & V-tron. On the Helix there are only 3 devices in the filter category vs 17 on the HD500x. Are there any plans to release new effects bundles? I have to admit I was a bit surprised at the disparity here. Also what would be a good way of emulating the Synth - o - matic & V-tron in the Helix world.
  10. PS I think it might be the particle verb that comes on, I can't tell as nothing visible changes.
  11. Thanks good plan!
  12. If anyone can have a look at this patch and explain what's going on I'd be very grateful. Every now and then the delay will decide to turn on all by itself. OK so I can't upload my patch here, any ideas how to share it with the forum?
  13. I think I already know the answer to this question but just want to double check before I manually program all my presets. Can you set the midi controller setup to be global? Or alternatively is there a shortcut to copy the midi controller settings from one preset to another?
  14. I agree bignath about exporting would be so useful. I think they should have made their tone files xml. That way you could dive in with a text editor and copy favourite chains and paste to other patches. I think you'd also see a lot more homebrew apps like
  15. Have a listen to this, I thought I'd try and recreate the intro guitar to Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum. It's pretty close but I just can't get that nasal quality that the original had. Any ideas how to get that almost kazooey sound? Original interview about recording tab
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