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  1. Hmm. . .I may have to try one or several of those. My tele xplant has graphtecs. Just got another JTV 59 for under 900 on ebay this week. That warmoth starcaster is looking more and more a done deal once they have em. If that graphtec works I can put one on my LP and one on my explorer and have one ready for starcaster leaving me 4 old line6 bridges that I can use to make my old 59s into LP copies. 2 black, one TSB and one CSB. I dig graphtec a bunch.
  2. Especially at the end of a quarter. A rep that needs to make quota or another tier in comp plan may cut a deal with large customer such as sweetwater.
  3. Fourth? You are catching up to me! I have 4 xplants done, a 5th being worked on now, and a stock 69 that will be xplanted at some point. I have been asked multiple times on multiple forums, why I would have so many guitars that basically can get the same sounds. So can I ask you the same question? Do you still have all 4 and why do you have 4 if they sound basically the same?
  4. I get that some people get mad at GC for shipping out product returned before 30 day trial is over. I get people that take advantage of the 30 day trial to try stuff they can't try locally. I don't understand when the same person does both, lol.
  5. I hope so. Heck I even want to buy some pots because I don't like the gold/yellow/brown pots that come on 59s. I would rather have chrome, even black.
  6. toasterdude

    Hd Pro X

    Any word on if effects loop is true stereo or sums to mono?
  7. toasterdude

    Hd Pro X

    I use a POD HD pro to feed my Axe II via AES. It saves me a DA/AD step and is a simple set up. I don't use amp models on the POD so extra DSP will not do much for me. If they do a FW update that allows adding two more effects or effects loop not using up a slot etc, it may make more sense. Also I prefer rack because I use it along with other processors. Heck I may pick up a second one used if price drops enough. I am buying a 500x this week though. Any word on a x version of bean?
  8. But can I but the pots and wire harness from Line 6 or a service center?
  9. The nylon patch on acoustic variax doesn't sound even close to the nylon string variax. Then again the acoustics on the acoustic 700 sound better than the acoustics on JTV. The way I see it. If I am playing a song that will be 100% acoustic I use the acoustic variax if I have it with me. If I have to change mid song, or don't want to or can't switch guitars the JTV acoustics will get it done. Same with nylon, if the JTV had a patch that was similar to the one on acoustic variax, it would be usable in a full band situation or when you can't use an actual nylon. Maybe Nylonish would be a better request.
  10. Is that just for position 1 or have you compared the 1.9 pos 2 & 4 to the 2.0? On a strat I never play position 1 or 3, 90% 2 or 4 and sometimes neck pickup. I can't wait to get home in a little over a week so I can finally upgrade to 2.0.
  11. The whole concept of sending midi from a guitar to the POD is very cool and powerful. I hope they expand on it in the future. Your idea is a great one. I also would like to use the tone knob to control other devices besides POD. Right now you can assign parameters in the POD to the volume or tone knobs. I want to control an Axe FX, Mobius, Timeline or any other device.
  12. If that is true it is nuts. Why would Line 6 give more importance to magnetic pickups than the modeled sound? Also a decent amount of players ask about or change the pickups in JTVs. None of my JTVs have any stock pickups. Why would I want the modeling to sound like pickups I swapped out?
  13. I seem to remember when the beta was getting close to being final, someone made a joke about how threads would soon be divided by how great 2.0 is or how some prefer 1.9. Some beta testers sort of hinted that 2.0 was such a big step, that would not happen. So much for being an expert. . . . .lol. . .
  14. I own a POD HD500 and HD Pro. I also have an Axe II and Kemper. I use my JTVs with a POD HD Pro and Axe FX. JTV to POD via VDI, POD to Axe via AES/EBU and then out to two xitone wedges in stereo. I use POD for wah, volume, and additional effects. Mutrons, Growler, pattern trems etc etc etc. Amp models on Axe are way better. DSP limits are there you just run into them way less compared to HD Pro. Effects are more modern sounding, but I find POD effects work fine for the most part. I even use a bunch of mods on the pods even though they seem to be a weaker link. POD works great with JTV for routing. Truth is I could not do what I want in a rig with Just Axe FX, I need the POD for routing a patch recall on JTV. If push came to shove I could probably use two POD HD Pros, but prefer using the Axe with the POD.
  15. Do they make Purple color cable? How about the tweed looking color?
  16. The only 335 I have owned is an epi dot with Lollar imperials underwound. I have not yet installed 2.0 FW but am thinking I will dig the new 335 stuff more. Once the bug with spank is worked around, going by clips I like the new spank better as well. In fact my fave 335 patch on old FW was a semi with minihum in neck. I mix that with the mags on a p90 and I dig the combo. I guess if I was using a plexi I would use LP or Junior and not a 335, usually I play 335s clean or with some grit, deluxe reverbs etc. I do dig neck pickups through zen drives etc.
  17. Cool pics! Never pictured a blood dripped dripped tele. I would love a tele with bigsby and may do one without JTV guts. Or maybe just buy a reverend guitar with bigsby. The white falcon looks scary without its "guts". L5 is no longer an option. The warmoth starcaster is not out yet. My third option, is a unfinished Gretsch Billy Bo body I won on ebay. Purple flake, some dearmonds and a bigsby may be cool. Or just metallic purple with pearloid guard. These would be a bit down the road. Still waiting for my purple firebird with tele style neck and pickup config to be done. I have another firebird body that I was toying about doing metallic green witha Presidented beer logo. I live in santo domingo and people there would freak over a gringo playin some electrified bachata with a bad lollipop Presidente guitar! The only neck I have laying around for that is a warmoth Charvel type that had a chip so I got it for like 100 bucks. Hm m m mm .
  18. Hmmm. . .haven't noticed any issues with standard bridge. When they first came out L6 really played up how much the new bridges had to do with improved sound. Now that I have my old graphtec on the purple tele I see that any difference is minimal and may actually be that graphtec is better. I am trying to figure out post spacing on the stock JTV 59 bridges. I have 3 "gutless" bodies laying around that can be cool project guitars. If spacing was the same I could always swap those bridges for TOM. Hmmm. . .bigsby on double bound purple flame explorer? Nah, not even I am that out there. . . .lol.
  19. Great news. I don't use the bar much but did the sound of bigsbys. Got a Gretsch setzer Hot Rod. . .yeah purple, a purplish dano hodad and an epi riviera gold top with 3 p90s all with Bigsbys. Having a JTV with bigsby would be great.
  20. If I remember correctly you had a bigsby on a chinese white falcon knock off? Maybe I remember you adding a bigsby or planning to on a JTV? How well does it work with the modeling on the white falcon? TOM bridge? Crusty or another "expert" had said in the past that bigsbys would cause major issues for the modeling as the strings move across the piezos. I have seen a couple of cool, JTV 59s with bigsbys in this forum but the bisby is right up against the bridge so it appears the string angle behind the bridge is much steeper. I don't know if that helped with the piezo/bigsby issue or if there really isn't a major issue at all. I missed the boat on warmoth L5 semi hollow bodies but rumor has it they may start doing a starcaster type deal. Somehow a semi hollow with filtertrons and bigsy seems like a cool idea. . ..especially in metallic purple!
  21. Yeah, 100% gringo. I travel to Brasil for work. I sell equipment to TV Stations. Vanguarda has two. So then I have been to that town a few times lol. Last year I lived in sao paulo for 3 months in moema. The year before two months and the year before one month in Itaim Bibi. This year I have an employee in Brasil so only made one trip so far but will be back in october. You don't see too much line6 stuff in Brasil. Apparently their distributor raises prices to where they cost way more than competition. Last year I had my JTV, Pod HD Pro and Axe FX II with me in sao paulo. This year I am in Medellin for three months and brought it all down again. I love Brasil. Great food. Great Music. Stunning scenery like Corcovado, Pau De Azucar and Foz. . . .and the women are not bad either!
  22. Cool. Never been. Near sao paulo I have been to campinas and whatever cities TV Vanguarda and SBT are in. . .lol. I love Brasil and gained 10 pounds eating at Fogo De Chao and other Churrascaria's for two weeks. I also had a lake placid blue 69 before I replaced the body with a metallic purple one, the neck with a warmoth and swapped all the pickups.
  23. None of my JTVs have any original pickups in them. For now all have duncan prails and one has duncan lipstick in middle. Next one will have fralins and lollar.
  24. What part of Brasil. I just left sao paulo yesterday. Will be back in october in Belo Horizonte, sao paulo and probably Rio. Good to see a JTV down there!
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