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  1. Maybe something in your patch got messed up. I'm having no problems with my patches over VDI, and I went 2.0, 1.9, 2.0 the other afternoon. Decided to stay on 2.0 after a Strat/Dano body fix.
  2. After a week with 2.0, I flashed back to 1.9 and found the acoustics (especially #3) very compressed. I went back to 2.0 and prefer the dynamics of the acoustics, but hate the life-less Strat. I changed the body of the Strat to the Dano in Workbench (as from a tip on this site), and it does help make them usable. The dynamic nature of the acoustics in 2.0 suit my playing style better than the 1.9
  3. I too would like an SG...they have a distinctive sound. If they could pull off a Nylon, even better!
  4. I would like to vote, but no good choice... I would love being able to mix between the older models and the HD...but to say the guitar is useless without both?
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