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  1. I agree with bclarke675. The DT is for electric tones only, and will leave the acoustic models out to dry, and nearly useless. IMO, any good tube amp could take the DT's place. Downside of the a full range system like the Stage Source, is playing-wise it doesn't "feel" like a tube amp. But acoustic tones are wonderful. Really all tones are, just not the tube amp feel. I have a QSC k8 & k12. The K8 rocks! I would have never thought a 8" speaker could do guitar, but it kills! Have to hear it to believe it. I find on most stages I have to turn the low-end extension off on the K8. I haven't tried the StageSource.
  3. I own four JVTs (it's a sickness, I know) and this is right on the money!
  4. Hey Brett, I have a couple '89s, and yes, that is perfectly normal. It has an angled neck pocket to accommodate the stud-style bridge.
  5. When I got mine, I could have bought one without the software key (which is $30 to replace) or for $55 more, the full software package. Now, after hearing the bundled software (and already having Logic on my Mac) I wish I would have saved the $55. I'm gonna try the Fishman plugged into the new iPhone and see how the latency is. If it's fast enough, I could use this on the gig! I have my phone with me anyway.
  6. I just checked eBay, looks like XT's sell for less than $100, X3's less than $200, and HD500's are closer to $300
  7. I'm on day three of having the Fishman TriplePlay. Yesterday my fingers were sooo raw I had to stop playing. I can't remember the last time that happened! Definitely the best tracking I've tried (I've owned Photon and Roland previously). The fasting tracking so far has been turning off the Fishman software, and using Logic Pro, which has an ultra low latency mode found in the Preferences settings.
  8. Having the XT/X3/HD500 VDI input is great, since you never have to think about charging the JTV battery or turning it off. Plus there is added control using it too. Downside is the HD500 factory presets are mostly useless, so you need to do some programing, which is a learning curve. Or you can download patches for any of these Line6 processors for free, but these too are a mixed bag. I never had an X3, but I did have a XT, which I remember having some decent presets aimed at coping some famous tones. While the HD500 is definitely sonically better to me, there is a minority that prefer Line6's early stuff (XT). The fact that you are new to this cork-stiffing-tone stuff, add in the gap in prices, I think you would be just fine getting a X3 (or pinch pennies even more, an XT). Like mentioned above, you can plug it directly into your NAD, and also have it hooked to your PC at the same time, using either one or both. Never plugging or unplugging anything. And using the VDI cable, never have to charge your JTV battery again!
  9. Not sure if HD500 and 400 are compatible, but MEAMBOBBO has some Dream Theater tones and lots of good, heavy tones... SH_DT... are Dream Theater tones...
  10. Interesting. I'll have to try it. Doesn't change the amp's gain turning it on in front of the amp?
  11. Click on the EXP Toe Switch to switch to EXP-2 (green light comes on). Volume pedal will now work. Save the patch. If you still have problems with this patch, make sure that the Volume Pedal controller "FS ASSIGN" is set to "None" (on the Controllers page) and that when switched to EXP-2, the Volume Pedal is still turned on in the FX Screen. Then send the selected patch to the HD to save it. ~Cheers!
  12. So you normally have your exp pedal down (or in the heel position) and for a boost then you toe it? Kool idea.
  13. Best luck I've had is with the Studio EQ set flat, last in the chain, and cranking it's gain as necessary, linked to a switch. Anything better?
  14. Check to see if the volume effect is set to EXP1 or EXP2 on the controller page and which one your exp pedal is currently using (red or green light next to exp pedal)
  15. That's amazing customer service! Bummer it's for the S-S-H model. I really prefer the look of the S-S-S guitar because of it's pickguard.
  16. I just got the hd500X yesterday...definitely a big improvement in the switches. Maybe you could put the newer switch in instead?
  17. A few more '59's showed up at Sweetwater yesterday....
  18. I've been tempted, as I have a transplant with the Ghost saddles. I would need to add a Ghost Hexphonic board, which has pass thru for piezo signals, which seems like you could use Variax and midi at the same time.
  19. First choice: An acoustic amp. The top panel tone controls would actually work in a live situation! Second choice: Bogner Blue
  20. My Acoustic patch is the Martin D-28 (selector closest to the bridge) with the tone knob (mic position) at how the HD500 saves the tone knob setting. My wife prefers the sound of the Gibson (neck position) though.
  21. Variax 1.9....
  22. I have 4 JTVs...the modeled tones all sound the same (other than having 2.0 in one, 1.9 another, ect) Strings gauges will make a difference though, but just like on any guitar. Thru the mag pickups they sound different though.
  23. Sorry, my bad. That is the latest version. And obviously you have 2.0 already on the Variax. I just checked with another JTV I have and 1.9 shows up in the rollback
  24. I did this yesterday...just like arislaf said. Do you have the latest Monkey?
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