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  1. Thanks! I look forward to trying these!
  2. Well BigRalphN, I'm sure they could make the cover a little bigger to cover over your cover on the Helix.
  3. Using an EQ to make an electric sound more acoustic in conjunction with the IRs seems to help. This video shows the EQ trick ... Cuts at 300z and 1k and boost @ 4.8k.... Here's a snapshot of the EQ....
  4. Thanks again!!! I've only done about a dozen duo gigs with an acoustic partner, but from that limited experience I think the audience wants to see two acoustics lol, but I much prefer the sound of a clean electric with the acoustic. Two acoustic guitars through most PAs sound too much the same/mushy to me. I would sometimes use a Variax thinking I would use the acoustic tones, but ended up using a clean Strat tone all night. Probably with the right PA and knowledge to adjust it that wouldn't be the case, but I like the added dimension of electric and acoustic. Enjoy the gigs! I'm gigging on bass this weekend. My last guitar gig I busted out the Helix looper on one thing. The drummer didn't sync with it so I gave up quick. Bass IRs would be awesome! I've made some presets emulating a bass tone for looping purposes which are fine for at home, but when I tried them on a gig they didn't cut it. Just Octaver stuff. URB IRs could be great!
  5. Wow, these are great! They occupy a different tonal space than the IR's I had been using. The ones I'm used to, you would never be able to use one with the bridge pickup, just too bright. Yours are mellower and thus useful on all 5 positions of my Strat! Fantastic! To replace the IRs in my presets, I need to max yours to the + 6db limit and add an additional EQ as a boost, it works okay, but I wouldn't mind a little more volume since you can always reduce. These are very useful to me, thank you very much!!! I'm thinking it may be time for another pizza! Haha! (inside joke) PS I've only tried the first four, I now see there is more. Keep 'em coming, these are GREAT!!!!!!!!
  6. AWESOME! I can't wait to try them! Many thanks!!!
  7. I came home to find this.... I guess my dog liked it soo much he marked it as his ... I still have the plastic on the LED damage...
  8. I was surprised the shipping was that low. Shipping costs have gone crazy.
  9. 36 months...the new model will be out before this one is paid off! LOL
  10. Here's my patch: This video shows an EQ trick that really helps! ... Here's the EQ....
  11. My IR slots are basically filled. But only a random few of them are truly important to my presets. I'm always deleting and trying new stuff. What a fun box! I should figure out the important IRs and rename them to match their slot. In the mean time, I've taken a 'screen shot' on my Mac, which is a picture of your display, which shows all of their positions. So if I had to start from scratch, I could just look at this jpg/picture and see what IRs match with which slots/presets. Just a quick safety net in case the thing somehow crashes before I get really organized.
  12. I find I get better results by always using amp & cab separately. This allows effects to be placed in between them, like an effects loop of a real amp.
  13. I'm using a Boss L2 bag which can also be found for $49. Snug fit, nice quality and good padding with a good sized front pocket plus rear and internal pockets too.
  15. Stereo is soooo much more fun!!! Some great stereo effects in the gotta take advantage!
  16. Sorry to hear about the expression pedal. Luckily mine seems smooth through out the sweep. Friday I used my Helix for it's first gig too. My main clean sound turned out to be muddy in the low end and needs some more dialing, but the other tones worked nicely. Cover band stuff, the Police preset worked nicely for "Message", the auto wah for the 'What I Am" solo sounded perfect.
  17. ur2funky

    Matrix FR10

    I ended up taking my CPS SpaceStation to the gig. The gig is a restaurant/bar in a long room with the stage in the middle, so there are people far left and right of the stage and not many straight ahead of the speaker, with no PA for the guitar. Perfect environment for the CPS with it's 310 degree coverage. The Matrix would have been blasting straight at the bartenders, who are the ones that make the noise complaints, lol. Sorry, the CPS just works for this room much better. And it turns out my next 3 guitar gigs are there. The place I'm playing bass tonight would be a good candidate, with the stage at one end of the room, if I weren't on bass...
  18. Nice score on the amp and I'm looking forward to trying these...THANKS!!!
  19. ur2funky

    Matrix FR10

    I've used a Fender Mustang iii solid state combo which is rated @ 100w and it easily keeps up with a drummer. I think some manufacturers take some liberties with wattage ratings, so I wouldn't just trust the number. Plus how efficient the speakers are plays a role too.
  20. ur2funky

    Matrix FR10

    My Matrix FR10 arrived a little while ago. First impressions are it looks great, and more importantly sounds great. Anyone want to buy a QSC K8? It's a little awkward for such a small guy. It's a light 24.5 pounds (which is 3 pounds over the spec weight), but it's not that. I guess if it had a better handle and feet on the side would help (coming soon). I have a CPS SpaceStation which weights 20 pounds more and seems easier to move. I'm not sure on how loud it is. With my Helix volume knob and the volume on the Matrix both all the way up, the volume wasn't loud enough to play with drums. I am new to Helix and I've built my patches so they're only slightly louder than a new unused patch with no blocks. I thought I read that was the thing to do. My first thought was I have to send this back. Won't work for even my quite gigs. I plugged into the K8 and the CPS SS and back into the Matrix. The night and day tone improvement over the QSC made me need to make this work lol. I cranked up the output block of the Helix to see if...if...there's the volume!!! Yes! It quickly got into the painful volume limit of my house, so I know it's good to take to a gig. I can't test true gig volumes in my house, it's just too painful with my ear damage. I have bass gigs this weekend, so not until next friday. The clean tones sounded great. Nice and spanky bright but without any ear fatigue. My Variax acoustic tones sounded great. High gain was rockin', but I think I need to dial in the high gain tones a bit more for the Matrix. Nothing against the speaker, I just think I can get even better high gain tones with this than what I'm used to. Only first impressions, but I'm delighted. Seriously, who wants a k8?
  21. ur2funky

    FRFR Question

    That is the best thing I have heard all week!!!!
  22. Yeah, sorry, I was's because I always have a looper bottom left, if you then press both switches, it does stay in stomp mode, but you're still in the looper. It doesn't work with non looper patches...
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