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  1. I can't imagine maxing a K12...
  2. ur2funky

    Acoustic IRs

    Here are my results getting acoustic tones with a standard may work for you!
  3. This is my effort to get an acoustic guitar tone using a Strat and the Helix into a QSC K8 (P.A. style speaker). You need two acoustic IR’s for this preset to work. They are Acoustic1B1 and Acoustic1B2 and are included with the patch in this dropbox: 1B1 goes with the first IR in the chain and 1B2 the second. Or try using any of these acoustic IRs here; A single coil tone gives best results, preferably neck and/or middle position. Starts with a basic clean tone with two Overdrive pedals. The Overdrives only work with the ‘Acoustic’ switch OFF. Engaging the ‘Acoustic’ switch bypasses all gain, so you can switch back and forth to the 3 different gain levels and the acoustic tone with just one switch. With the Acoustic tone activated, you can also use the ‘Mando Banjo’ or ’12 String’ switches. They only work with the ‘Acoustic’ switch active. If anyone could help improve the ’12 String’ setting that would be greatly appreciated! If anyone could help improve the ’Acoustic’ setting that would be greatly appreciated! You may find it helpful to move the looper to the first block so you can dial-in tones as the loop plays. *Not intended for Piezo or Variax guitars. Adjust Reverb/Delay/Drive settings to your taste. A single coil tone gives best results, preferably neck and/or middle position. I dialed this in using a Suhr S guitar - Helix - QSC K8.
  4. On my Mac it's useless, hence the screen shot approach. I have gaps in the IRs, so out of order, and they are from different dates too.
  5. What a great collection! Thanks! edit: The Ribbon / Condenser combo has "Milkshake" Thick Tones!!! Yeah!!! My Strat has never sounded soo thick in the Helix before! Sweet!
  6. I spent some more time dialing these in to my system and to my taste, and I gotta say these are great! Many thanks again!!!
  7. Very nice! Great low end 'chug'! Thanks!!!!
  8. If you're amplifying both sources through the same frfr as I do, merge the paths into the looper. I like having the looper after a volume pedal block, so I can adjust new sound's volume against the looper's volume level.
  9. To me, it seems the correct word is in-convenient. ;) Unhelpful cheeky answer, I know. I can't stand the thought of renaming the IRs, maybe if I settle on just a handful I will. In the meantime I took a screen shot to at least have an idea where they were... Cheers!
  10. Sure thing. Hopefully you'll find the magic recipe to make them sound good. I've been trying...some nice flavors w/ the Variax, but nothing better than the onboard sounds. I really want to make them sound as good as the Variax acoustic tones but while using a normal guitar.
  12. I've read that some people with Window machines also have this same issue...
  13. If I could get the Helix to change my Variax sounds while staying in one patch, I could make it work. But as far as I can tell, you can't do this. To footswitch from Variax acoustic guitar to a Les Paul (Lester), you need to change patches. Or am I missing something? My HD500 performs much better at this than the Helix. Sad. I guess I need to think if I'm selling my Helix too. I prefer the Helix interface a hundred times more than the HD500, but I also need to use it live.
  14. You are 'The Man'!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!!
  15. Love it! Thanks for the info! I was just playing your files. The Mesa stuff is the MOST rockin' thing I've played on the Helix yet. Very impressive! The best thing yet!!!
  16. I like the sounds it has, if it could just take the leap forward like the JTV did. And 24 frets would be nice.
  17. I've always wanted to refinish a mahogany guitar in Doghair finish ala Collins. You fill the pores with one color, and add another color over that. Red with black spots is also a good choice. I know it's not for everyone....
  18. You can remove the finish inside one of the cavities...pickups or under the battery box would be the easiest. That way you can see the wood without committing to refinishing. (The battery box simply unplugs from the motherboard.) Mahogany can run anywhere from light, to red, to a dark brown colored wood. I have a couple red '89s and I can see dark streaks in the wood thru the finish. Unlike the even grained mahogany you would see on a cherry SG for example.
  19. I'm concerned for myself as well...I have four JTVs...really? Four? Something is wrong with me. (I blame the scratch n' dent specials). Funny post Don. The Flextone was my first hit of crack too...
  20. Keep in mind you can set up patches with both variax models and mags on at the same time, doing the 5th above harmony thing, all coming thru your Power Engines.
  21. It's my second full week of having the Fishman, and the honeymoon is not wearing off. Very impressed! The bass string's tracking leaves the Roland stuff in the dust. I too prefer it without the Fishman software. And I too wish for an internal version. At least the FTP casing is nice and slim. The Roland Integra 7 has a USB port on back...did you try connecting the FTP directly to this with an adaptor?
  22. That's a great idea for using variax + mags for the Hotel California harmony parts!
  23. IMHO, there is more clarity on the 2.0 Spank models but more "quack" and Stratiness (is that even a word?) with the 1.9. In Workbench, changing the Spank body to the Dano adds some missing life/chime in the 2.0 Spank tones. Definitely worth trying. A big improvement to me.
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