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  1. Enjoy! It's gotta be one of koolest tricks to show other guitarists. Most know about the Variax doing different guitars, but spin that whammy knob and watch their jaws drop! Plus it just brings a smile to me when I'm done cranking on that thing that I'm perfectly in tune. Cheers!
  2. Pitch minimum set to 0% will give you a two octave drop. I prefer the tone knob/whammy feel with the minimum set to 25% which will still give you a full octave drop.
  3. Hey, Yeah, I posted it in this thread... I'll attach the photos here tooo...
  4. Let me guess, you're a Blues Guitarist? :D
  5. I haven't tried it. I was referring to a review in Guitar Player Magazine Nov '13, where it won an Editor's Pick award and glowing review. Tester James Nash writes "...very slow or light vibrato can be lost entirely" and noted "subtle stepping effects...on slow, wide bends." It sounds interesting for sure. But being a fan of eastern microtonal music and the Hendrix junkie that I am, I would need the ability to disable the correction.
  6. It sure could. I have the tone knob on my Variax set to adjust univibe/rotary speed.
  7. Some funny posts!!! Has anyone tried it?
  8. I didn't post a negative vote, as I'm not even able to access ideascale to read your post, but I would be opposed to Autotune ala Peavey's system. From what I understand, slight vibrato technique is removed with Autotune. The auto pitch corrects it. Vibrato is a big part of the expressive qualities of the guitar to me. It would be great to hear every chord ring in perfect pitch, but at the expense of vibrato?
  9. Hey Jason, sorry for your struggle. I'm fairly new to using FRFR instead of my tube amps, but as I compared some tones yesterday between the two setups, you can make your set up sound great. Keep trying, it will be worth it! First thing, headphones vary greatly in how they color music, especially the low frequencies. Next time you're using them, press them against your head (if they're the ones that sit over your ear) and you'll be amazed at how different the low-end changes from doing this. Bottom line, your Alto cab probably has more lowend than your headphones do. Maybe you can adjust for this when creating tones, or better yet, try different headphones. Of course output modes on the HD500 make a huge difference. You should be running "Studio Direct". When you get a chance to play thru your Alto, play a riff and loop it, with the looper set to PRE (FootSwitch 3). This will allow you to go in and edit your tone as it is playing...a great trick! Get it dialed in just how you like. Good luck! You'll get it! ~S
  10. I have two JTV-89's sitting next to each other. One with 1.9 the other 2.0, and one of them I flipped back an forth between 1.9 and 2.0 a couple times in one day a few weeks back. I've never had any of these issues. Could it be something else?
  11. The G System sounded great and sure looked awesome! I loved that thing, just not practical.
  12. Well, if you did buy a JTV Variax, you can use the volume and tone knobs on the guitar to control multiple things on the hd500...I often use my tone knob to control delay mix, or rotary speed, and even use it as a whammy bar (down only) on some patches. I would have kept my G System if they had overdrive/distortion in it.
  13. The looper is a lot of fun! Coming from the XT, the HD500 felt a little unfinished when I first got it...there's patches that are wildly different volume levels...and it does have a different sound than your XT, so it could be a good compliment to it. I ended up selling my XT...the HD500 does sound great once you dial in your tones. Haven't tried the 500X. Good timing for going for a 500 and saving some bucks...
  14. ur2funky

    Hd Pro X

    The Atomic not coloring the sound is why is it great for an acoustic guitar sound, as the DT25 is not. A tube amp (DT25 included) adds a great color to any electric guitar tone IMO. Either way, you'll tune your sounds/tones to the whichever amp setup you go with.
  15. ur2funky

    Hd Pro X

    The Atomic would be worth it if you're using a Variax acoustic tones. If not, in my opinion, any good tube amp will work well.
  16. Right? That would be great! Out of the three, I prefer the Blue, as it cleans up better.
  17. I run a Strymon ob-1 compressor after mine, and can go from acoustic clean to full-on rage with just my guitar knob, all at the same volume! I love the Bogner pedals. Anyone have a HD patch that can do this, that they would share with me? -Many thanks!
  18. Nice! Any chance you would share with me this patch you made? Thanks, -S
  19. Sure thing. I wish I could just send you the patch, but I can't attach those files on this website.
  20. I had the DT25 and sold it. To me, it doesn't do the "Dream Rig" justice, since it's only good for electric tones, not the acoustics. If they had put a solid state channel and a tweeter in it for the acoustic tones, switchable like the rest, then we'd have something. Sweetwater had a Cherry '59 I was dying to buy. Last 4 of the serial number is this the one you got? If so, I am mighty envious! I've never heard the Power Engines, but the acoustic models in the JTV need something with a PA full response, or FRFR as the lingo is now, to really appreciate them. So no amp models on the HD500, thru your studio monitors will sound fab. You're gonna love it! And you'll want to use the VDI cable with the HD500, as it will power the JTV and you'll never have to think about charging the battery. Hopefully you already use the computer editor for the HD500. If not, get it. With a JTV, remember you can use the volume and tone knobs to control anything on the HD500...on one patch, I use the tone knob as a whammy bar! Awesome!
  21. Nice! I've been tempted to find an old jazz box. A old crusty guitar, and put modern technology in it!
  22. That Stratacoustic is definitely thin like I wanted! Thanks! I figured I would have a block of wood under the bridge, connecting the front and back of the guitar, much like a hollow PRS has, and use a different style bridge all together with possibly Ghost saddles.
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