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  1. Thanks all for your help. You are correct, and I was wrong. 3.01 did not break MIDI. A USB Hub between the iPad and the Helix picked an odd time to malfunction.
  2. My config: iPad running BandHelper > Apple CCK > USB > Helix > MIDI out > tc helicon VoiceLive3 plus rest of rig also: iPad running BandHelper > Apple CCK > USB > Helix > VDI > JTV Since upgrading to 3.01, the VL3 is no longer receiving PC messages. By monitoring the helix MIDI out/thru with another iPad, I see the Helix is not relaying the incoming PC messages, unless they're on the same channel as the Helix. I've been playing with the MIDI settings, but can't seem to find a combination that makes it work. MIDI out/thru used to echo SysEx destined for my Variax too - but it no longer does that. Yes, MIDI Thru is set to 'On' on Global Settings::MIDI Any help?
  3. Hi @datacommando . As reported above, I seem to now be operational on 3.01. It is not that your suggestion to separately download the FW was absurd. No, my usage of that term was quite clearly directed at the idea that Line 6 should not be notified about this defect which is causing consternation to multiple parties. Indeed, they have provided suitable workarounds to get over the finish line. But quite clearly, this is not normal expected operation. And as a former embedded SW dev myself, I know I'd appreciate being notified of repeatable deviations from expected operation. I assume they would too. That is all.
  4. Through a circuitous route, side-downloading 3.01, I seem to be in action. Frustrating process, but it looks as if I got there.
  5. Hilarious. Frustrating Hilariously frustrating. Grr. Downloaded and installed the latest Line 6 Updater. Launched it. It found my Helix floor (good)... detected that it is on 2.92 (good)... and went on to FAIL UTTERLY in thinking that there is nothing newer to install : ::sigh::
  6. ...and to heap additional aggravation onto those already feeling scorned, the links provided to Line 6 Updater -- both in the thread above, and in the Install instructions -- and for both Mac and Win -- are broken. Simple matter to find the relevant files. Fortunately, I'm not particularly flustered by this. But imagine the plight of the poor technophobe who was worried enough they might completely brick their multi-hundred-dollar wunderbox even before hitting the first snag.
  7. Ok, I'm in the same boat as @samrichardsam and @marcofiorini. Helix Floor was on 2.90, updated today to 2.92, then updated HX Edit to 3.0. Upon launching HX Edit 3.0, it indicates Helix Floor is 2.92 (correct): Note absence of "Check for updates in lower right. OK.... click on the icon, tab to View, click Check for Updates button. Utter fail - "Your floor device is up to date with firmware version 2.92": I'm about to try the Updater route. Thanks @datacommando for that suggestion. However, your statement that "No need to report to Line 6, because so far, everyone that I have pointed to this information has managed to successfully perform and update to version 3 of the Firmware." seems pretty absurd to me. Obviously, there are multiple accounts of people running up against this problem. Manifestly, the standard update process is not working as intended for some subset of the user population. Most germanely, Line 6 cannot correct a defect of which they are unaware. OF COURSE it should be reported to Line 6. With that off my chest, I'm off to try the Updater route. Wish me luck. (Mac OS X 10.10.5)
  8. Line 6 POD HD500 Edit - main screen, upper left, INPUTS: INPUT 1 SOURCE & INPUT 2 SOURCE
  9. Forgot to mention - I was surprised the first time I realized that a lot of what I was hearing was due to mechanical coupling from the neck of my guitar, through the headphone cord which was touching the neck, causing my left earcup to vibrate. Check it yourself by comparing what you hear both with the cord falling away from the guitar, just touching the neck, and laid across the neck with a bit of tension. Frankly, I think the modeled sounds from the JTV are very close. They sound more authentic to me when listening to a recording, rather than live. This may just be my preconceived notion of what a stratty thing is supposed to sound like. Well, plus, acoustically, it is a stratty thing. (or a gibson-y thing in the case of my new JTV-59).
  10. When I first started wortking with the JTV and HD, it took a bit to figure out that many presets in the HD500 default to using both the modeled signal _plus_ the mag pickups as the source. The modeled sound can be retuned, but the mag pickups still pick up the actual pitch of the mechanical string. This effect _may_ have been responsible for the dissonant double tones you heard. The solution is to diable the mag pickups as a source in the HD.
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