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  1. Nevermind. Found it in the PC Editor app. Doh!
  2. Noob question - how the hell do I put it into LF RAW mode?
  3. All good points. They could use an external power source. They won't do it so it is what it is. I don't like hauling my laptop downstairs to connect it up with USB. I'd much rather use an iPad and be wireless. But whatever...I'm done beating this dead horse. My wishful thinking ends here.
  4. Thanks. I just started reading the forum and didn't know that. That said, they could use a USB-WiFi dongle. Certainly enough bandwidth using WiFi. Point taken though - I need to settle or wait for a new HD model.
  5. Nah, I don't believe that. The hardware is there - its no different than plugging a BT adapter into a USB port on a PC. They would need the low level drivers though and add features in the software to detect the presence of the BT module vs. a regular USB connection. Room for the drivers might be an issue but even that is a very small footprint. Then they'd have to mod the iOS app to support the HD500X...and that could take some work but it could be done. I'm guessing the iOS side of the equation might be heavier lifting. Either way, some comment from Line6 on the viability of this would be nice. If I thought is was feasible and that they plan to add such a module then my decision to keep the HD500X is easy. Personally, I'd pay $250 for such a module and iOS support. They could package it with the HD500X and new amp models as well and sell it for $800 retail and still be competitive with Fractals up coming floor model.
  6. Well since I stated that the HD500X could be a step up that would imply the Firehawk FX doesn't quite cut it. ;) There is zero reason why they couldn't add support for a wireless add-on (heck, even WiFi if not BT). I like the HD500X and the form factor - I just hate the stupid USB cable and connecting a computer. Their silencing is deafening though....I'm guessing you're right and they will hold off on that for the HD-whatever#. Sucks to be me because I just paid $500 for the HD500X.
  7. Any plans to add support for the HD500X series on the iOS/Android platform? This seems to be very popular on ideascale. Any chance of adding a USB BT dongle to communicate with the iOS/Android platform? I just returned an AMPLIFI FX100 and bought a HD500X and now you guys announce the Firehawk FX. Great stuff but it seems to me the HD500X is a USB-BT dongle away from being a step up from the Firehawk FX.
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