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  1. I just tried using CC71 with my Helix Rack. I would like to report that my problem has been solved. After sending a CC71 with value 0, I can send CC49-58 to control footswitches bypass state. However CC71 values are completely missing from Helix manual, so here it is (from HX Stomp manual): CC71 Values: 0-5 Footswitch Mode (0=Stomp, 1=Scroll, 2=Preset, 3=Snapshot, 4=Next footswitch mode, 5=Previous footswitch mode)
  2. Thanks, I'll check CC71 operation with my Helix Rack. Yeah, it would be great to get updated midi manual with version updates.
  3. I'm using a Helix rack, just updated to 3.15 firmware (and made a factory reset too). I'm using a midi controller and regularly use MIDI CC51, CC52, CC53, or CC54 messages to emulate footswitch operation. Unfortunately Helix Rack does not respond as expected. I don't know what version made this bug, but it guess it was present since 3.0. That's sure this bug was present in the preceding 3.11 In HX Edit I linked Footswitch 3-7 to turn on/off individual effects. So on the bypass/controller assign panel I made four setup for the individual blocks, setting parameter to Bypass, and Source the Footswitch 3-7. Now, when I send these CCs to Helix Rack sometimes it doesn't respond, sometimes it makes a preset change instead of turning on/off the individual effect blocks. Earlier this worked great and without problems. I really would like to use these footswitch CCs, can you please to help to resolve this issue?
  4. Thank you All for the informations. It's very interesting to know that the knife edges and brdige posts' specifications have been updated after I bought my variax.
  5. Thank you, I've found this earlier. However it's quite expensive and I'm in Europe. And the I really don't need a full bridge, as my saddles, block and electronics are in great condition. Only the knife edges have problems. It would be great if I could buy only the tremolo base plate. Have you got any info if it is possible the find only the base plate? Do you think that, could help with james tyler bridge replacement parts?
  6. Hi All, I've a nice black JTV69, I bought it in 2011. Since then I use it almost every day. However I noticed that after some tremolo usage the guitar goes out of tune all the time. During the last string change I checked the tremolo bridge and I noticed that the knife edges seems to be really used. I took some pictures, please check them: The problem is that, I really don't know what should I do now, because this type of bridge is very special and I cannot buy a new one in the local music stores. I found one on fullcompass but its quite expensive and I really don't need new saddles and tremolo block etc. Only the bridge plate with the kinfe edges. Have you got any idea how should I repair it? Have you got any experience about bad/used kinfe edges on JTV69 guitars? Thank you in advance! Norbert
  7. Hi All! I would like to integrate my Pod HD pro with an Eleven Rack similar to 4CM. I would like to make the best connection thats possible to leave the tone crystal clear. I would like to use the stereo FX loop and the balanced output of the POD. I bought a few TRS patch cable, but there is some problem with it as its noisy. I really need some technical information about the FX Loop specification to solve this problem. Are these FX loop jacks TRS balanced outputs/inputs, or TS jacks? I didn't find informations in the manual about this. Please help Thanks Norbert
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