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  1. Your acoustic would go into the input and you would connect your variax like normal. The variax is visible in the signal chain where you can change its paramaters and tunings etc. I'm assuming your acoustic patch would just need to be saved with variax turned off in the patch chain which IMO would force the firehawk to use the input the acoustic is plugged into. I do not use both an acoustic and electric live so I cant speak in absolutes but im just throwing my guess out there.
  2. I have played my first outdoor gig with the FH1500 and FBV3...the leds and screen are super bright and easy to read, this gig started when it was still daylight and our last set was in pitch black night and the fbv3 held up well under both lighting conditions. If you have a FH1500 its a must to have the FBV3 because switching using the app is much too cumbersome.
  3. So bobbyzumberge it sounds like we play similar style covers. I have been playing around with the 1500 and the FOH pa and it seems like it could be possible that your sound guy is trying to get too fancy with shaping the firehawks tone...tell him to be as neutral as possible with the eq and effects. I at first sounded like crap through the PA only to find out that reverb was added to my stereo channels and was destroying my tone. Im curious what the names of the petty tones that you have found?
  4. I just got my 1500 and the fbv3 and im overwhelmed but i love the sounds so far...i only wish i could setup the fbv3 before my gig on june 10th. Any tips for thise of you that use the 1500 live? I play classic rock and blues covers so having the versitility to change to completely different tones from song to song is sooo awesome. So far i usually start jamming with it then i never get around to actually dialing it in for hiw i need to use it live. what are you guys doing for your live setups?
  5. Yes please...the cloud has proved useful but I would like to talk here about different tones. I just got my firehawk 1500 and while I like it I am a but overwhelmed with its features.
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