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  1. Last week I updated my iPad Pro to iOS 11, and after that I'm not able to connect to my StageScape mixer through the app any more. WiFi Networsk settings find and connect to the StageScape, but the App wont connect. Does anyone have succeded to use the app after iOS upgrade? Thanks for any input Thor
  2. Thank you so much sir! My Amplyfi 150 died on a party in August last year. I thought I have tried everything but the updater did not recognised the Amp and factory reset did not work.I had given all up on the box. Then when I checked the forum today after many month, I found your post, used the link to the driver, boot the box opp holding tone & tab button, and wow, the updater recognised the Amp, starting the update, and the old box is back in business. Using it mostly for Amplifying my Helix at home, or as music party box at the terrasse. Garden party tomorrow, and you saved my day. Thank you Thor, in Norway
  3. I'v got exactly the same issue. All 4 lights start flashing after a few seconds................. I just use it as a stage monitor for my Helix, but anyway............... It happened during the sound check, and I had to play the hole gig with only guitar sound from PA Has any one found a fix for this problem??? Thor
  4. From the editor manual: To Rename a Snapshot - Click the desired snapshot from the Snapshots combobox and select Rename Snapshot from the camera icon menu to type in your new name, then press Enter/Return on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can "longclick" (left-click and hold mouse button down for about 2 seconds) directly on the current Snapshot's name in the combo-box to edit it.
  5. Windows 10. Update went just fine. Played with it for one hour, no issues at all. I really like this full screen size editor, while leaving my pedals on the floor Thanks a lot Line 6! Thor
  6. Great sound! .....upload that bass patch please :ph34r:
  7. I've got 5ms input latency (a little higher at output) with Helix & Cubase8 64bit /Win10 at the lovest buffersize settings, when tested it. No pop's or clicks in the sound. It was only a light test, because I'm normally use another audio interface
  8. Did the update on Windows 10 without a glitch. Restored my set lists after rebooting with 9-10 down. Everything looks good. Thank you!
  9. Could be a long evening then. 5PM Pacific time is Tuesday 2AM Oslo time :ph34r:
  10. Can we hope to see an update today?
  11. When you have Helix connected through USB it will act as your computers soundcard. Connect your monitors to the Helix, and you should be fine.
  12. Yes, if that block is mono
  13. Stereo fx needs to be after mono FX and all amps, or in parallel path
  14. It would be nice if the editor could save presets per block like most software fx & VSTi does. Then you could have your favorite amp settings available with just a simple click :D
  15. Helix Firmware v1.03.0 Release Notes Helix v1.03.0 is a free firmware update that includes new features, fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. It is highly recommended that all Helix users perform this update! It is also recommended that you back up your current presets by using the Helix application to create a preset bundle, allowing you to install new presets as part of the update process. The easiest way to perform the update process is by installing the latest version of Line 6 Updater. Once you've connected Helix to your computer via USB port (hubs are not supported), Line 6 Updater will recognize the unit and take you through the update process.Line 6 Updater application may be downloaded here:
  16. New firmware and new Heilix software updates are available on Line 6 download page now!!!
  17. New firmware and new Heilix software update available on Line 6 download page now!!!
  18. Has this video been posted here yet? Souns really nice to my ears
  19. Hi! I have not tried them as pairs in stereo. I use DT 50 with the band, and DT 25 at home. If you use Line6 link I don't think it matter witch on is first. What is your experience by running both at the same time?
  20. I will! I love my 500HD/DT50 & DT25 setup. I hope I can get Helix to work the same way with my DT amps. Just bought this Thunderbolt soundcard from Focusrite to record with it in Cubase Can't wait to get my band into studio modes this fall.
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