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  1. Thanks datacommando. Did that fix the issue (other than starting from clean slate)? I'd hate to clear everything only to have this issue the next time I try to cut and paste a few presets...
  2. Helix LT... Thanks for the info, Jbuhajila. Did the issue go away after the reset, or is it something that persisted?
  3. Hello! I have a few setlists that contains a handful of corrupted presets, which happened while trying to copy and past a few presets at a time. It seems like the only solution at this point would be to replace the entire setlist with a blank one, but I don't have one available. If you have one available, I'd love to have a copy... P.S. If you have any other ideas on how to fix the issue, I'm all ears. :) Many thanks!
  4. If it helps, I noticed that the issue only happens when pasting onto a slot that already contains a patch. If you paste it into a blank slot (New Preset), it doesn't freeze. FYI: MacOS 10.15 (happened in 10.14 as well), MacBook Pro 2018, Helix v.2.82, and Helix Edit 2.82.
  5. Helix LT - v2.8 After every reboot, the Global Setting for XLR output (originally set to line) seems to reset to "Mic". If I look at the menu, it still says "Line" but there is a significant drop in volume. If I switch it to Mic, then back to Line, the level gets back to normal. I hope that makes sense. Cheers!
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